December 7, 2023

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Hermine Vanbeveren on Justin Odwards' farewell: 'They want to give a signal to little girls' |  red flame

Hermine Vanbeveren on Justin Odwards’ farewell: ‘They want to give a signal to little girls’ | red flame

Goalkeeper Justin Odior has permanently closed the door to the Belgian football team. Hermine Vanbeveren, who closely follows the Red Flames for Sporza, was not surprised by this decision. “I was humiliated.”

This may have been a surprising decision for Justin Odors, but it certainly wasn’t. She’s been working on this for at least 7 months. Not being chosen for red flame October was the last straw.

I felt so disrespectful how she was suddenly kicked out of the team and especially how that was enforced. According to Odior, this was not done very diplomatically, but we can only guess.

We can only speculate why. It is not fit enough and does not live to be international. This will be the position of the technical staff. But is that resolved in a few weeks, because she suddenly came back again in November?

In addition to football, Odeurs also works in the hospitality industry. She doesn’t see a problem with that herself, but I can imagine that in the eyes of the people in the union it is difficult to reconcile with a career as a footballer, especially with the Red Flames.

The federation will say she is not fit enough to be international. But isn’t that the case after a few weeks?

Hermine Vanbeverine

Bond wants to make women’s soccer more professional

It is clear that the coaching staff – and it is not just about national coach Yves Cernells – wants to give a signal to young players, to girls who have the ambition to reach the red torch.

In order to make women’s football in Belgium more professional, they also require some professionalism from the female players. They set a standard and make clear what the consequences will be if you don’t meet it.

On the other hand, I can also understand the Odeurs’ decision. I suddenly went from first choice to no choice. Imagine that Thibaut Courtois would not suddenly be summoned without explanation.

This decision must have hit her hard, it hurt her honour.

Both sides could leave the door open for a comeback, but I think that’s final. They put this bar in the guild and can’t go back from it.

Who will be on target now?

With Justin Audiers, the red flame lost to a good goalkeeper and one of the set-toppers in the group. In any case, it has always had its place in the wide selection.

With Nikki Everr, Belgium has another good goalkeeper. She was No. 1 for a while, but lost her place after the agonizing defeat against Switzerland. You haven’t made any mistakes in the last 4 games. She even stopped the penalty kick twice.

With Diede Lemey, another player is eager for a chance. Lemey has many reasons for this, because it is a constant value in Sassuolo – the number 3 in Italy. She has already kept 5 clean sheets, no one has performed better in Italy, and also has the best save percentage.

Finally, there’s also Lisa Lichtfus, who used to play Standard and now plays Dijon. She’s actually No. 2 there, although she’s done well in the cup lately. But she doesn’t play much at the moment.

From a mathematical point of view, the impact of the Odeurs’ decision wouldn’t be too bad for the Flames. I also don’t think any of this will stay on the set, just as Tessa Wallart quickly quelled the alleged golden boot riot. But they will definitely have to talk about it the next time they get together.

Hermine Vanbeverine

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