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High Belgian day at World Indoor Championships: Deathmatch surprises with world title, Roseus very impressive in sixth place in 60m

High Belgian day at World Indoor Championships: Deathmatch surprises with world title, Roseus very impressive in sixth place in 60m

Belgian day at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Glasgow. The day after Norway's Vedets won gold in the pentathlon, Alexander Dohm surprisingly won a second Belgian world title with a stunning performance in the 400 metres. Rani Roseus also surprised by finishing sixth in the 60-meter final. A Belgian also reached the final of the 60m hurdles, with Michael Obasoye finishing seventh.

First Belgian ever to finish in the 400m final at the World Indoor Championships. This was really the first thing I could count on Alexander DomBut what he achieved in that final defied all imagination. After a very tough race in the wake of favorite Carsten Warholm, he raced to the gold medal in the final meters in a time of 45:25, a Belgian record. Warholm couldn't believe what was happening.

The Doom World Title was the pinnacle of Belgian extravagance on day two of the World Cup. They both performed well in the 60 meter hurdles Michael Obasoye like Eli Bakari To qualify for the semi-finals.

Bakare won his first Senior World Championship with a personal record of 7:58, but narrowly missed out on a ticket to the final, and by equaling his own Belgian record of 7:54, Obasoye advanced to the final, where he finished seventh in 7.55.

However, he was not completely satisfied. “There was more to it than that, my start wasn't good enough. Being ranked seventh in the world is definitely not bad. I'm happy that I finally reached the final of the senior tournament. It makes me want more.”

Roseus surprises himself with last place

Both are known at a distance of 60 metres Rani Roseus like Devin Nkansa Reaching the semi-finals. That was the final point for Nkansa, but Roseus surprised by qualifying to the final, second in the semi-finals. Just as in the series, in a personal record of 7.12, barely two hundredths higher than the 14-year-old Belgian record set by Kim Gephardt.

Roseus also had a strong race in that final, finishing sixth with a time of 7:14. “I was thrilled with the last place. I need to let that sink in for a while. World Cup final, who would have thought? Not me. I wasn't expecting such consistent times.”

In the final of the 3000 meter race John Hemans He continued well for a long time, but when he accelerated in the final stage he had to let go. He finished eighth with a time of 7'48'18.

Elliot Christian She succeeded in qualifying for the final of the 800-meter race at the World Indoor Championships, which was held in Belgrade two years ago. Just like in the series, Christian left nothing to chance in the semi-finals. He immediately settled into the front and took the lead on the final lap.

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He was narrowly defeated by American Bryce Hubbell, but in second place with a personal record of 1'45'08, Kristan once again earned a ticket to the finals. He finished sixth in Belgrade, and wants to do better on Sunday evening.

“Reaching the final was the main goal, but also the most difficult. Now anything is possible, everyone has a chance to win a medal. If you reach the final, you want
Of course a medal. This is what I will fight for.”


The Belgians on March 2
the hour M/F discipline Athlete hasty
11:10 am M 60 meter hurdles: qualifying Eli Bakari 7″69(5th) To the semi-finals
Michael Obasoye 7″66 (III) To the semi-finals
12.00 M Heptathlon: 60 metres Genty Hottiquette 7″06(II) Place: eighth
12.20 noon Fifth 60 meters: chain Nkansa dolphin 7″22 (III) To the semi-finals
Rani Roseus 7″12 Public relations (the first) To the semi-finals
1:15 pm M Heptathlon: long jump Genty Hottiquette 7.22m (9) Position: ninth
1:30 p.m M 800 metres: semi-finals Elliot Christian 1'45″08 Public relations (the second) To the finals
Thibaut de Smet 1'48″47 (sixth) Outside
2:35 pm M Heptathlon: Shot put Genty Hottiquette 14.48 meters (seventh) Position: ninth
8:10 pm M 60 meter hurdles: semi-final Eli Bakari 7″58 Public relations (the third) Outside
Michael Obasoye 7″54 no (the second) To the finals
8:30 pm M Heptathlon: high jump Genty Hottiquette 2.01 meters (third) Position: ninth
8:45 pm Fifth 60 metres: semi-final Nkansa dolphin 7″21(fifth) Outside
Rani Roseus 7″12 Public relations (the second) To the finals
9:40 pm M 3000 metres: final John Hemans 7'48″18 (eighth)
10:10 pm M 400 metres: final Alexander Dom 45″25 no (the first) gold
10:30 pm M 60 meter hurdles: final Michael Obasoye 7″55 (VII)
10:45 pm Fifth 60 meters: final Rani Roseus 7″14(sixth)

Powerful iron ball, surprises at 3000 metres

Femke buYou gave your best performance on the second day of the World Cup. In the 400 metres, she not only won her first world indoor title, but also improved her world record to 49.17 seconds, and Lieke Claver completed the Dutch success by taking silver.

African dominance in the men's and women's 3000 meters has been broken. With an impressive final race Josh Kerr For gold for our people. The Scot is the first non-African world champion in the 3,000 meters indoor race since American Bernard Lagat in 2012.

For women, the American is gone Ile Saint Pierre In the final straight, he surprisingly succeeded in overtaking Ethiopian favorite Godaf Tsegaye to the gold medal. A great achievement, because after the world title won by Russian Olga Egorova in 2001, ten African world titles in the 3000 meters indoor race followed, including 9 Ethiopian golds.

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American candidates Katie Moon and Sandy Morris also failed to perform in the pole vault. Moon had to settle for bronze, as Morris even missed out on the medal. The gold surprisingly went to the British Molly Cowdery.

As expected, there was nothing to be done about the 60m hurdles Grant Holloway. The American relegated the rest to the extras and won in a time of 7.29 seconds, which is a record for the championship.

The first candidate in the women's 60 meters Julian Alfred Saint Lucia first world title. Her main competitor, Alia Hobbs, had to withdraw due to injury just before the final and was transported in a wheelchair.

Logic was also respected in the long jump with another world title for the Greek Miltiades Tetogloualthough 19-year-old Italian Mattia Forlani hardly made it difficult for him.

Hughes Fabrice Zango It happened in the triple jump. After winning gold at the World Championships in Budapest last summer, the Burkinabé has now also won the world indoor title.


IAAF World Indoor Championships: March 2

see you tomorrow!

The second day of the World Indoor Championships came to an end and was a highlight for Belgian athletics. After winning the gold medal for Norwegian Vedets in the pentathlon yesterday Alexander Dom Surprise for the second Belgian world title. In the 400 metres, he actually bested Carsten Warholm by winning in a time of 45:25, a Belgian record.

also Michael Obasoye And Rani Roseus surprised. Obasoye equaled his own Belgian record and reached the final of the 60 meter hurdles, finishing seventh. Roseus capped her unexpected final placing in the 60-meter dash with a sixth-place finish.

Eli Bakari He narrowly missed the final in the 60 meter hurdles and was also ahead Nkansa dolphin The semi-finals were the final stage in the 60-meter race.

Earlier today I knew Elliot Christian To qualify convincingly for the final in the 800 meters race. With a personal record, he came in second place in the semi-finals.

Tomorrow, in addition to Christian, it will also be up to the Belgian Tornadoes and the Belgian Leopards. You can follow everything closely here. The appointment is at 11 am

Roseus: “World Cup final, who would have thought”

Sixth place for Roseus

Julian Alfred lives up to her role as favorite and gives Saint Lucia its first ever medal. She won the 6'98, the world's best performer of the year. The silver went to Polish Swoboda, and the bronze to Italian Dusso.

Roseus finished very well in sixth place with a time of 7 inches 14.

Fears of injury to Hobbs

Aliya Hobbs appears to be suffering from an injury. She limped off after her semifinal win earlier tonight and after a short test she is now also starting to feel her leg. The question is whether it will start.

Alfred or Hobbes?

Julian Alfred looks to be in pole position to take gold in the 60m. The 22-year-old athlete from Saint Lucia, along with Ewa Swoboda, is the only one to dip under seven seconds in the 60m this year. Alfred finished last year with a time of 6.94 seconds, two hundredths of a second shy of the world record held by Russian Irina Privalova since 1993.

In the all-time world rankings, she shares second place with American Aliya Hobbs, who also achieved 6.94 last year and is also present in Glasgow, and Polish Ewa Swoboda can also be counted among the candidates for the title.

What can Roseus do in the 60 meter final?

Rani Roseus in the 60 meter final. Few thought it was possible, at least not themselves. For our compatriot, the World Cup she participated in was indeed a success. With her personal record of 7.12, she came within two hundredths of Kim Gevert's Belgian record in both the series and semi-finals. Will this disappear from the schedules tonight after 14 years?

Heptathlon standings after five events

1. Ken Mullings (BAH) 3637 points
2. Simon Ehammer (Zoe) 3558
3. Johannes Erm (Eastern) 3552
9. Genty hottiekitty 3,298

Mullings wins the high jump

In the heptathlon, Ken Mullings eventually achieved the best result with a distance of 2.16 metres. Sander Skotheim came in second place with a distance of 2.13 metres, and our compatriot Genti Hotekiti came in third place with a distance of 2.01 metres. This left him well short of his personal record of 2.12 metres.

Mullings also takes over the lead from Ehmer in the standings who was stuck at 1.95 metres.

Obasoye: “There was more”

Holloway all the way!

There's nothing you can do about Grant Holloway! The American took the rest to the extras and won in a time of 7.29 seconds, which is a record for the championship. Italian Simonelli is thrilled with the silver medal, while the bronze goes to Frenchman Kouao Mathie.

Obasuyi delivers another solid performance. He finished seventh in 7.55 seconds, staying just one hundredths away from the Belgian record he equaled in the semi-finals.