June 21, 2024

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High demand for livestock farms against barn fires and animal deaths

High demand for livestock farms against barn fires and animal deaths

In the coming years, livestock farms will have to take more measures to prevent barn fires and animal deaths. This was announced by the outgoing Minister of Agriculture Schouten. The number of barn fires has not decreased in recent years, and the number of animals dying in fires has actually increased. This includes hundreds of thousands of pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals each year.

The Dutch Safety Council concluded in March that the government was doing little about it and made recommendations.

Larger livestock farms are subject to higher fire safety requirements, such as the maximum number of animals that can be kept in an enclosed part of the shed. The more animals in the room, the more they will die if a fire breaks out there. Standards were also set for the construction of new sheds.


The cause of many barn fires has never been clear, but poorly constructed electricity or solar power installations are seen as the main cause. Therefore, all livestock farms are obliged to inspect the facilities “visually” annually. Large livestock farms must undergo a comprehensive electrical inspection, which is performed every three years. The rest of the companies must do this every five years.

The government is also in discussions with companies installing solar power installations in the stables to see if faulty installation work can be prevented.

For stables of large livestock farms, there will be an obligation to place fire-resistant materials that can withstand at least 60 minutes between electrical installations and the room in which the animals are raised. These companies must also install a fire detection system.

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By 2024, every large livestock farm should have someone who has completed a fire safety management course.

The use of air purifiers is discouraged by eliminating their tax advantage. The government has encouraged purchasing in recent years, because air purifiers cause fewer emissions of ammonia and particulates, but electrical installations of air purifiers regularly lead to short circuits and fires.