April 21, 2024

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High temperatures hit winter sports areas: ‘The snow is too wet’

High temperatures hit winter sports areas: ‘The snow is too wet’

Because of the high temperatures, it snows in many ski areas. Many French, Swiss and Austrian slopes are colored green instead of white.

Grass, rocks and soil can be clearly seen in many well-known winter sports areas such as Chamonix in France, Innsbruck in Austria and Crans-Montana in Switzerland. With the temperatures soaring, skiing is not possible in many places. It’s much warmer than usual, especially in the north, in France, Switzerland and Austria, so you have to look for altitude.

In the past week, about half of France’s ski resorts have closed. According to the organizer, the World Cup on artificial snow will be held in Adelboden, Switzerland. Even more than 2,000 meters the temperatures are above freezing. In the Swiss ski resort of Splügen, 30 km of slopes have been closed due to “lack of snow, heavy rain and high temperatures”. “The snow is very wet,” ski lift manager Hatcher Bernett told Swiss reporters.


Photo: Reuters

MeteoSwiss says mild southwesterly winds with a dryer effect on the north side of the Alps lead to typical June temperatures. A hair dryer is a warm, dry breeze caused by the heating of the wind as it flows over the mountains. Several temperature records have been broken. Over the end of the weekend, 20.2°C was measured in the Swiss town of Delemont which is located at an altitude of 435 metres.

Snow falls above 1,500 meters, but it is moderate, and even at this altitude not all slopes are open. Ice crystals become very granular due to the melting process. There is also more ice. This makes skiing more dangerous, as it is also busier in the higher areas. Wintersport.be expects more snow from Sunday, but it’s not yet certain.

Winter sports areas at a loss. Because of the Corona crisis, they have seen their income shrink for two years. Now the snow is waiting.

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