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Hole against Schmidt: Feyenoord teaches PSV Eindhoven an unpleasant lesson

Hole against Schmidt: Feyenoord teaches PSV Eindhoven an unpleasant lesson

Feyenoord finally showed up for PSV Eindhoven on Sunday afternoon in their first Eredivisie derby of the season: 0-4. VoetbalPrimeur analyzes how Arne Slot taught his opponent Roger Schmidt a disturbing lesson.

Written by Everett Van Zoolen

Feyenoord tactical move
Arne Slot kicks off the afternoon with a triple surprise: Bryan Linssen on the bench, Guus Til as false 9 and an additional midfielder as Fredrik Aursnes. Therefore, Jens Tornstra is Feyenoord’s most attacking midfield player.

The idea behind it is to be able to play the space behind two PSV controllers – Roger Schmidt starts with Olivier Boscali and Davy Propper. When a Til is fired into those spaces, PSV’s central defenders have to decide whether or not to continue, which can open up spaces behind the last line.

Raise chooses the position between the lines. Source: ESPN.

The effect of placement selection between the lines: In this case, it is Luis Sinistera who introduces himself, allowing Andre Ramalho to pass through and Tornestra to delve deeper. Source: ESPN.

However, Feyenoord managed to make quite a bit. Rotterdam is mainly concerned with stopping Eindhoven. Since Slot took over, it has been from a 4-4-2 formation, with attacking midfielder Toornstra playing alongside striker Til. Their most important task: to remove the passing lines to the midfielders in Eindhoven.

To the Toornstra cover it covers Pröpper and Boscagli. Source: ESPN.

So PSV had to play on both sides. Eindhoven residents are unable to find options due to the center, while Feyenoord can secure their backs to the side quite easily.

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Feyenoord can always secure it by appearing. Source: ESPN.

After the opening stage, PSV takes the match to itself. Boscagli swings between center defense for a surplus in the back. Feyenoord must then choose between coverage from the midfield or the release of a player in the PSV building. Both options could save Eindhoven space.

Eindhoven will build with three men. Source: ESPN.

From then on it became a one-way street. He attacks Eindhoven and tries to break up the Rotterdam formation. Despite this, the people of Eindhoven have a lot of trouble with this, because the center is well closed by Feyenoord. PSV several times managed to find someone between the lines who then managed to create an opportunity with a single act.

Cody Gakpo is released between the lines and is able to get a single action shot. Source: ESPN.

In order to create opportunities, the Eindhoven pavilions are moving inward.

PSV is trying to find a free player between the lines. Source: ESPN.

Feyenoord relies mainly on switching moments, but the Rotterdam team often play this sloppy.

Room for Feyenoord to move on, but this was not used. Source: ESPN.

Feyenoord dirty on the ball. Mostly it has to do with Marcus Senesi, who is trying to hit a long reel teal. This often results in a rapid loss of the ball.

Just before the end of the first half 0-1 from nowhere. After a good move, Markus Pedersen managed to get to Toornsta, which ended fantastically. So the picture of the game does not change in the second half: PSV are trying to find holes in the Rotterdam defense, while Feyenoord is so well organized that these spaces cannot be found. It’s no coincidence that the Rotterdam squad didn’t concede a goal when Justin Bello, Senese and Gernot Trauner were on the field together.

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Then the big transformation of Roger Schmidt begins. Mario Gotze, Iran Zahavi and Jakpo are sidelined and PSV Eindhoven doesn’t look like they’ll play better.

From a tactical point of view, occupying PSV Eindhoven in the second half is not good. When defenders have possession of the ball, none of the midfielders present themselves in the space between attack and Feyenoord’s midfield. This allows Feyenoord players to orient themselves about keeping passing lines closed behind them.

Nobody from PSV presents themselves in the void between attack and midfield at Feyenoord. Source: ESPN.

In the end, Feyenoord managed to win the match thanks to good substitutes from Linsen and Cyril Desires. With three goals in the last twenty minutes, Rotterdam has not only given PSV a lesson in defense, but also a lesson in effectiveness.

Evert van Zoolen is an analyst for YouTube channel TheNextManager, has written for tactical websites and magazines such as Spielverlagerung, TrainersMagazine and Futbol Netradince and watches important matches for VoetbalPrimeur.

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