February 28, 2024

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Houthis say attack US warship • US reports new Houthi attacks

Houthis say attack US warship • US reports new Houthi attacks

Hundreds of Palestinians in need of care and thousands of Gaza refugees are being held at Nasser Hospital, the largest hospital in Khan Yunis. The international aid organization Doctors Without Borders warns against this. around the building In a city in the south of the Gaza Strip It is currently being fought hard by Israeli forces and Hamas.

Nasser Hospital is the largest hospital operating in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of Gazans turn up for help every day. According to Doctors Without Borders The staff worked in that hospital At least 850 patients and thousands of displaced people are currently unable to evacuate as the roads around the hospital are extremely dangerous.

The organization warns that the hospital is one of two places in southern Gaza where seriously ill people can still receive help. Gaza's health ministry, which is controlled by Hamas, also said the hospital had come under attack yesterday and that it had been virtually isolated because of the fighting.

Yesterday, Israel surrounded Khan Younis, prompting thousands of Palestinians to flee the city. They fled, among other places, to Rafah, further south on the Egyptian border. According to the United Nations, about 1.5 million people are currently housed in camps in and around the city. – About two-thirds of Gaza's total population.

Earlier in the war, Israel urged Palestinians north of Gaza to move south, but targets there are also now under fire. One of those targets was Nassar Hospital; Israel says Hamas uses it as a base. Israel has often said it operates from hospitals because Hamas hospitals are protected under international law of war.

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