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Hover Brazil swings 4-1 over South Korea to the quarter-finals |  World Cup 2022

Hover Brazil swings 4-1 over South Korea to the quarter-finals | World Cup 2022

Has it climbed to the top of your absolute favorites list? Brazil made a big impression with their all-around performance against South Korea. The Golden Canaries certainly danced the opposition in the first half with some stunning goals. Vinicius, Richarlison, Piqueta and a reborn Neymar provided the goals for the Brazilians.

Brazil – South Korea in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Fifteen minutes later and 2-0 down South Korea could still hold out some hope (in vain) of a comeback, and fifteen minutes later it was already over. Richarlison starts a great attack with a circus number and makes it 3-0 after a great pass from Thiago Silva.
  • man of the match The stars cannot be counted on one side in Brazil, with four different goals. Even Alisson played his part with some great saves. Richarlison stood out just above it, as he caught the best attack/goal of the evening. He has already scored 3 goals in this world cup.
  • statistics: Neymar scored his 76th goal in the Brazilian jersey tonight, one goal behind Pele, the Seleção’s all-time top scorer. Neymar is also the third player to score in 3 World Cup finals for Brazil, preceded by Pele and Ronaldo.
  • noticeable: With the exception of the third goalkeeper, every player in the Brazilian national team earned playing minutes in the group stage. Weverton also got their chance tonight and are already fully Brazil selected for this World Cup. Thus, Brazil is the first country to participate in the 26 players in the World Cup.

Watch the full match between Brazil and South Korea (4-1)

Brazil outperforms South Korea in samba ball

Real show with real samba ball. At the end of the first half, Divine Canaries already had a ticket to the quarter-finals in their pocket. The Brazilian fans made it a party in the stands from kick-off and the Seleção quickly followed suit onto the pitch.

Barely six minutes later, Rafinha pulled off a fest of goals. Neymar couldn’t decide on a low cross, Vinicius made a great shot. Even before the opening quarter ended, the score was already 2-0. Jung Woo-Young unfortunately kicked Richarlison in the penalty area and Neymar made his debut in this World Cup from the penalty spot.

South Korea did not want to be led to the massacre like this. Hwang Hee-Chan responded with a nice long shot, and Alisson was able to drive the ball over the crossbar. In half an hour, Brazil once again showed their class with a thumb and finger licking attack. Thiago Silva gave the finishing touch with a stunning cross, and Richarlison finished it off flawlessly.

Hwang Hee-chan remained the only South Korean who could hurt the Brazilians. He put Militao into the wind, but then aimed straight at Alisson from an acute angle. It was nothing more than a technical glitch in the Brazilian show. A few minutes later, Vinicius lifted the ball beautifully to Paqueta, who scored 4-0 at once.

Even before the break, one egg after another was on the scoreboard. Paqueta came close to his second goal, but Kim Sung-gyu was in the way. Richarlison also got an open bunt on his way to the 5-0 goal, and once again the South Korean goalkeeper stopped it.

Paik Seung-Ho saves South Korea’s honor

South Korea started with a 4-0 deficit, but had no lead in the second half. Son Heung-min edged Marquinhos and immediately came close to saving the honour, but Alisson managed to deflect his shot wide of the goal. Brazil, in turn, continued to search for a fifth goal. Raphinha deflected Hong-chul insane in the box, but Kim Seung-Gyu blocked his shot.

After a few minutes, Ravinha repeated his ruse. Once again, he put Hongcheol to the wind, and once again prevented Kim Seung-gyu from further harming South Korea. They kept looking for a target to no avail. Alisson once again proved unbeatable with a shot from Hwang Hee-chan, and Marquinhos got in the way of Son Heung-min.

Fifteen minutes before the end, an honor-saving goal was scored for South Korea. The ball was headed away from a free kick by Lee Kang-in and landed at Baek Sung-ho’s feet. The substitute burned out and his slightly skewed form left Alisson without a chance. A fine goal though, it was nothing more than a bleeding rag.

The Brazilian luxury was so great that the national coach Tite still gives minutes to the third goalkeeper Weverton, the only Brazilian who has not yet participated in the World Cup finals. Senior Dani Alves was also allowed to participate. He almost scored the fifth Brazilian goal with a great shot.

Check out other goals:

  1. The second half, the 95th minute, the match is over
  2. Second half, 94th minute. The end. The second half was of no measure, though, as substitute Baek Sung-ho still managed to salvage South Korea’s honour. It was a perfect evening for Brazil, and even national coach Tite had the luxury of letting third-choice goalkeeper Weverton play for minutes. The World Champion gave the nominee his calling card tonight. A victory for Pele, who encouraged the players with a beautiful banner after the final whistle. .
  3. Second half, minute 94. 4 extra minutes. The extra four minutes are almost up. Brazil can begin preparations for the quarter-final against Croatia with great confidence. .
  4. Second half, 91st minute. Dani Alves is already close to the goal.

    Dani Alves is already close to the goal

  5. Second half, 89th minute. Amazing effort from Dani Alves. Brazil picks up the pace again. Martinelli runs in from the left and throws the ball in front of the goal. At the far post, Dani Alves attempted a fine shot, but his shot was deflected into the corner. .
  6. Second half, 86th minute. Kim Song Gyu foul. Kim Seung-Gyu was caught making a rare foul while defending. He sloppily delivers the ball to Rodrigo, but Rodrigo cannot capitalize. .
  7. Second half, 85th minute. Strange! Alison is replaced with fifteen minutes left.

    a stranger! Alison is replaced with fifteen minutes left

  8. Second half, 82nd minute. A gift to Weverton. Nice gesture from Titi. With Weverton’s third goalkeeper, the Brazilian national coach brought the only Brazilian player yet to play in a World Cup between the lines. Alisson is allowed to rest and so is Neymar. Rodrigo is relieved. .
  9. Second half, minute 81. Brazil switches, Rodrigo inside, and Neymar out
  10. Second half, 80th minute. Brazil substitution, Weverton inside, Alisson out
  11. Second half, 80th minute. South Korea substitution, Hwang Ui-jo, Cho Goo-sung out
  12. Allison is still flawless. South Korea has suddenly caught on. Cho Gue-Sung is sent to Alisson, but the goalkeeper again emerges victorious. In addition, the offside whistle was blown. . Second half, 80th minute.
  13. Second half, 79th minute. South Korea’s streak is still great: 4-1.

    South Korea’s streak is still great: 4-1

  14. Second half, 77th minute. A great honor for South Korea. Paik Seung-Ho can still make South Korean fans cheer. The ball is swept wide after Lee Kang-in’s free kick and lands at the substitute’s feet. Burn and his deflected shot leave Allison without a chance. .
  15. The goal of the second half, the 76th minute, by South Korean Baek Seung-ho. 4, 1.
  16. Second half, 76th minute.
  17. Second half, 74th minute. A new name also comes between the lines in South Korea. Lee Kang-in is the newcomer, and Lee Jae-Sung is allowed to rest. .
  18. Second half, 74th minute. Substitution in South Korea, Lee Kang-in, Lee Jae-sung out
  19. Second half, 72nd minute. Brazil, Gabriel Martinelli replaced in, Vinicius Junior out
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