June 5, 2023

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How Argylica Turned a Meager Paying Pizza Hut Job Into a $37 Million Fashion Empire | The best on the web

“Crazy idea.” According to Argylica Conditsis, 29, that was all it took to turn the tiny savings she left from her part-time job at Pizza Hut into a successful empire. Twelve years later, her Babyboo Fashion company is valued at €37 million.

Conditsis was 17 when she began selling self-designed “signature shoes” from her bedroom in Sydney. “I was looking for stilettos with a striking accent, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for,” she told Australian news site news.com.au. “No problem, I just started thinking about and creating it myself. Seeing the enthusiastic response, I tried to sell some copies on Facebook. Success followed immediately, and hundreds of orders came in.”

Babyboo fashion was born. “But it was never my intention to turn it into ‘hard work,’” Konditsis confirmed. “Call it more like a hobby that got out of control. Until then, I only worked at Pizza Hut, where I made 4 euros an hour in the evenings and on weekends. In this way I would have saved about 600 euros, quite a lot for me at the time. But I immediately invested everything in my business.

end of studies

Conditsis had to give up her studies – much to her parents’ dismay – to meet customer demand. She also drew her brother, William, into the story. Three years later he had the idea to launch clothes with the same concept.

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Soon a new bull’s-eye will appear. She has her own office and shop, but the elegant dresses, tops and suits are mainly for online customers. Babyboo now has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and can count on buyers from 145 different countries.

“Don’t be afraid to step on our faces”

“If you had told me this in the beginning, I would have had a good laugh,” said the Australian. “We spent our money wisely, but we weren’t afraid of losing our money either. We learned from our mistakes and put everything we earned into our company.”

According to Conditsis, the real recipe for success is being strong in terms of design. You won’t find our style anywhere else. We think long and hard about every collection we release. There are six to eight months between the first drawing and the final stitch. Fortunately, we also knew very quickly how we could benefit from social media.”