April 23, 2024

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How can you check the reliability of a link?

How can you check the reliability of a link?

Some phishing emails are so well crafted that they make people question their credibility. Digital tools can help you analyze malicious data.

Most phishing techniques can be quickly detected, for example, based on strange characters in an email address or misspellings. However, hackers are increasingly successful in making phishing emails relatively credible, raising suspicion. Fortunately, there are free digital tools that analyze suspicious links or documents for malicious data. What tools are out there and how good are they?

There are many tools that work in different ways. The principle is usually the same: you browse a website, enter a suspicious web address or document, and the tool analyzes that for malicious data. And then you will see the ruling.

  • Tool 1: Link Checker

    One of the newest tools is Link checker From NordVPN. This tool is an easy way to check suspicious links. You enter the link via the form, which is then analyzed by the tool for malware. This tool is completely free and does not require an account. Be careful not to accidentally click on the link while copying and pasting. If you are a bit clumsy in this matter, the next tool will be more interesting for you.

  • Tool 2: Scamio

    Bitdefender's AI-powered chatbot, Scamio, provides slightly more flexibility than Link Checker. This tool can analyze a web address, a screenshot of a QR code or email, and even a screenshot of a link. This way you can reduce the risk of accidentally clicking on a malicious link. You need to create an account for this tool, but it is free.

Most tools are based on databases or machine learning, but the output is always an “opinion.” We have tested the above tools based on some reliable emails and spam messages. During our testing, these tools provided the correct feedback. However, it is important not to accept the result as correct immediately. Compare analyzes of different tools if you have persistent doubts. If you don't want to rely entirely on digital tools, it's still wise to contact the agency behind the sender to check if they are sending these emails.

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