March 4, 2024

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Hugo Segal returned to work for the first time since Nicole’s death: “I put her ashes in a necklace around my neck”

Hugo Segal returned to work for the first time since Nicole’s death: “I put her ashes in a necklace around my neck”

Hugo Segal returned to work on Saturday for the first time since the death of his girlfriend, Nicole. In his role as Wolves director, he hosted the show previewing the first episodes of the final season of the popular series #LikeMe. Nicole was also there because Hugo wears her ashes in a choker around her neck.

Jay Van Fleet

Thousands of children come to Kinepolis cinemas for three days to get acquainted with the first new episodes of the Ketnet #LikeMe series in an avant-garde premiere. To the delight of young fans, every room was visited by Caro (Pomelian Theis), Vince (Maxim Stojanac), Camille (Camille Dundt) and other young heroes.

There was an additional surprise in Antwerp on Saturday. None other than director Wolves, played by Hugo Segal, interviews his young fellow cast members as host. Very private to the audience, but above all a private and emotional moment for Hugo. More than two months after Nicole’s unexpected death, he’s back in front of the public for the first time. “It was great. I was looking forward to it and I’m glad I did. And like with all recordings, Nicole was also present today,” Hugo reminisced.


Nicole is always there.

For Hugo, this was a temporary but perfect return to the public. “I wasn’t here as myself but as my character from the series. As Hugo I wouldn’t have done this yet but as Director Wolves it was great to do it. I felt so supported by content creator Thomas van Goethe and the whole #LikeMe family,” a grateful Hugo replies . There’s another reason why the #LikeMe event is a good time to come back. “Nicole always goes to the recordings. She’s experienced everything closely, so I feel her involvement. Nicole is always there and everywhere because now I wear a necklace with her ashes around my neck. It just feels so good and comforting to have her near me that way,” it sounds quiet.

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The grief is still enormous and the end-of-year period was very heavy. But Hugo realizes he must move on, as Nicole explicitly told him to. “I really want to move on. A voice over in an animated movie, for example, is at the top of my wish list. The desire to act and sing is definitely there too. It would be great to get back on stage in a performance or a play. But I’m glad that’s not the case.” Right now, because I noticed it’s still early.”

Hugo Segal and actress Janine Bishop © BELGA

From Wednesday Hugo can be seen again in #LikeMe. At the Antwerp SAS secondary school, where Hugo plays the director, the final year of school has arrived. #LikeMe wants to make it an unforgettable year. “I’m glad last season turned out so strong because #LikeMe is so close to my heart,” said Hugo. From the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction on Saturday, it turns out the love is mutual.