April 15, 2024

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'Human error' causes long delay due to 3D font on Sclessin |  The eleventh day of the JPL match

‘Human error’ causes long delay due to 3D font on Sclessin | The eleventh day of the JPL match

Standard seemed headed for a comfortable win in the first game under new coach Luca Elsner yesterday, especially as Denis Dragos made it 3-0 after more than 51 minutes of play. But the assistant referee raised his flag, after which the VAR technology will consider the possible offside stage. Enter the 3D Line, the new technology that should be able to investigate even very narrow intrusions in detail. That took a very long time. The match between Standard and OHL was stopped for seven (!) minutes. The guys had no choice but to do some sprints to keep the muscles warm.

After a long wait, the verdict finally came: offside. The long delay in decision-making raised the question of whether 3D technology was actually in use. That was indeed the case, Stephanie Ford of the Governance department told our editors. “With 3D technology, a white line is drawn at the height of the defender and a red line at the height of the attacker,” Ford said. “This red line only exists with 3D technology. Because the lines were so close together, it could be confusing for home viewers, it was A difference that is barely noticeable with the naked eye, which is why we also use this technique.

The fact that it took at least seven minutes before the decision was made was not part of the plan. “We regret that it took so long because the technology was ready and our operators trained. But there is of course a difference between offline practice and live action, when there is pressure. An error occurred at the beginning of the process, so all steps had to be taken again. And concretely, Human error ensured that the delay would last for a long time. It usually takes only a minute and a half to two minutes to draw the line.”

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