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“I didn't fit in. It's a club. Have you seen me?”: Eden Hazard takes a look at Madrid's nightmare and lifestyle in an honest interview |  soccer

“I didn't fit in. It's a club. Have you seen me?”: Eden Hazard takes a look at Madrid's nightmare and lifestyle in an honest interview | soccer

They won't see him again in professional football. In his ideal world, Eden Hazard would be living tomorrow somewhere in the mountains, with a flock of sheep, away from all attention. In an honest interview with France Football It takes a final look at his career, his exploits, and his life at the top for sixteen years. On how he first lost his standing, then his confidence, and finally his desire: “Sometimes the last chapter of a book is bad, but it's still a bestseller.”

“For me, football has always been the same: fun. Whether in friendly matches or in the World Cup semi-finals. This is my identity.”

About his lifestyle and training enthusiasm

“Living like Ronaldo wouldn't have suited me. An hour in an icy cold bath after the match? impossible. leave me alone. I'll go home with my friends, we'll play cards, we'll drink beer. I played with my children in the park for two hours. This was my recovery. “If I were like Cristiano, I would be exhausted.”

“Well, maybe I was lazy. I didn't go to the gym every three days, and I didn't spend three hours on the physical therapy table. And yet it made a difference. It rained every day. But I did so much in the matches and hit so many kicks that my body couldn't Work at full speed throughout the week.

“It's true that after a short night sometimes I don't feel like training in the morning. I also made it clear: “Don't give me the ball. I give myself one square meter and do not move! I didn't move for an hour. And if an hour of tactics is planned: “Can I go to the physiotherapist?”

“I wouldn't say I abused it, but I rarely cared about my food. I didn't go to McDonald's every day, otherwise I wouldn't have lasted sixteen years as a professional. I like to eat with friends and have a drink. Even the day before the match: good food, break the bottle,. ..

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“Diets are useless. It might be nice to want to keep playing football until you're 40, but this wasn't for me. I always had a bottle in there.” Ruinart blanc de blanc Chill in the fridge.”

© National Ports Agency/EPA

“It's stupid, but that's all it was… And in Belgium, hamburgers are delicious, I knew that. (Laughs) When I see Leikens tomorrow, we'll eat one together.

About 5 kilograms of weight gain in riyals

“I had a fantastic season at Chelsea, one of the best seasons of my career. I said to myself: ‘Now that I’m at Real Madrid, this might be the last holiday where I can really let myself go…’ And I let myself go as I did.” every summer.

“Seven years in England, without a break at Christmas, doing everything they could. So, if I had three or four weeks off, they didn't have to bother me: the barbecues, the roses, all that. That allowed me to reset and start from “New. Things went bad at Real Madrid, and it's over.”

“My body made me pay the price for the uninterrupted succession of matches. And as for the stairs. Not because I ate this or that, I cannot prove that, but… Those who know everything will say: ‘It is because he did not live for it.’ I accept that, “Everyone has their own opinion, but I know it was different.”

DeFodi images via Getty Images
© DeFodi Images via Getty Images

“The only person who bothered me all the time was (Antonio) Conte. Every day you have to do this, this… and that bothered me. He is one of the best coaches and I probably played my best season with him. But he is the one who suits me the least, the training and his sessions.” Tactical. “Damn… I'm tired of this.”

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Nightmare in Madrid

“I was a fan of Zidane from an early age. So I loved Real Madrid. It's easy to say now, but we weren't a good match. I don't fit in with this club. It's a bit like the Have You Seen Me club. I'm not wired like that. I didn't like it.” “Even the way I played. But it was my dream.”

“I wish I could turn things around, but I got the wrong injuries at the wrong time. Until it became too much for me. One morning, I woke up and found this lump on my ankle. An infection. I went under the knife again. My contract was still “In force for two years, but then things went wrong.”

“First I lost my place, then my confidence, then my desire. I developed from a strong man who endured tackles from players who wanted to hit his knees to a boy who was hurt when he got out of bed.

“I made good money as a player and I have no right to complain. Normal people suffer from pain every day… In the end I no longer had the energy. Fun was my path, my direction. That no longer exists.”

Real Madrid via Getty Images
© Real Madrid via Getty Images

“I didn't want to make money elsewhere. I don't need a lot to be happy. Taking the kids to school, playing soccer with them, enjoying my two-year-old son, playing golf, tennis, jogging, a little bit of running… the little things.” “In life. I like to watch TV series or cartoons with the kids. I don't see much football anymore. I just look at my brother at Anderlecht, and at friends. VAR is stupid. Everyone complains.”

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And about his future plans

“Sometimes the last chapter of a book is worthless. You say to yourself: 'Damn… why did it end this way?'”He laughs) But here is the book, a bestseller. I'm a little boy from Brienne-le-Comte, in the countryside. I enjoyed football in my own way. The controlling feeling is the emotions you gave to people. My career has been amazing, it's been a bestseller.

“In an ideal world, I'd move away to the mountains, self-sufficient with a flock of sheep, even though I'm not a shepherd. Or I'd take a trip around the world with the kids in the wagon. The less attention I got, the better. I enjoyed being in a circle.” “The light, being the best in the team. It was great, but I didn't need it to be happy. I won't miss it. I loved professional football, but I don't want to go back. 100 percent sure.”

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