March 2, 2024

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'I don't know why America isn't ready for a French-speaking artist'

'I don't know why America isn't ready for a French-speaking artist'

Can Angel Conquer America With French-Language Music? The Belgian singer kicked off her North American tour earlier this month. Meanwhile, he has already shone in four concerts, the undoubted highlight on stage at the Coachella festival in the California desert.

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Thierry Coljohn, author and music journalist Le Soir: “I don't know why America isn't ready for an exclusively French-speaking artist. It's the exception, but every now and then a French song hits the American charts. Look at Soeur Sourire, Plastic Bertrand, Vanessa Paradis and Serge Gainsbourg.

The Belgian singer performed for the first time at the world famous Coachella festival this weekend. “Performing here is much less stressful than in France,” Angel, 27, admitted to French news agency AFP shortly before her performance. “Public is seeing me here for the first time. I can be myself, sing and act however I want. Angel took to the stage with that attitude and she immediately took over. For a moment, a piece of the American desert lay at her feet.

Twitter was full of positive reactions: “Audience singing in French now? Wow” and “What a 'Queen'”. American magazine Rolling Stone Praises the singing talent: “The Belgian star may have delivered the only pure pop performance of the evening.” And according to L.A. The Times It's clear: “From Stroma he is the most easily recognized Belgian artist.” After the performance, he announced that he was still in a “.Little nuage“Tired.

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The concert is the latest stop in Angel's career since he broke through in 2018 with his single 'Doubt Oplier'. A year later, 'Balance ton quoi' launched the star into the Belgian and French charts. Since then he has become a fixture in our music scene.

His collaboration with world famous singer Dua Lipa took him a big step forward. Their song 'Fever' has already been streamed around 314 million times and brought her to the American audience. “They already know the lyrics,” he says. The singer ventures into English in a few songs. “But writing lyrics is completely different. I can express better in my own language.

According to Coljon, the Belgian has all the qualities to break through in America: “Angel is purely visual. She is attractive and beautiful and she dances well. Only English speakers are in the audience. How can Angel reach that young audience? And there's an answer: Google Translate.”

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