March 23, 2023

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"I made an offer at the highest level": the sexy Jamal Ben Seddik is already in the first round getting rid of Romanian Adegbuyi |  sports

“I made an offer at the highest level”: the sexy Jamal Ben Seddik is already in the first round getting rid of Romanian Adegbuyi | sports

More sportsJamal Ben Seddik shined in his glory fight 81 against Benjamin Adegoye: KO after a barrage of punches in the first round. The camp gives Ben Siddik confidence for his ultimate goal of snatching the world title from Dutchman Rico Verhoeven: “He won’t be happy with what he sees from me now.”


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The kickboxing crowd in Düsseldorf took off from Bensadek’s demolition work. And in the first round, the Romanian player Adegboi fell after several consecutive punches. It’s called the Order in short, but Ben Seddik didn’t suspect it either. In 2018, he had already beaten Adegbuyi – then the favorite – in an eight-man tournament, not between me and his broken right hand. This did not bode well for Adygoye’s chances now that Bensadek is at his best ever.

“I gave a show at the highest level,” Bin Siddiq said of his camp. “That’s what people come for.” The audience – the nearly 2,000 fans who attended the Glory 81 event in Dusseldorf – sided closely with Bensadek. He is very popular in the kickboxing environment: “I brought a lot of Belgians with me, but there are also many people from Holland and France here. The whole room was in front of me. “


The coach told me that if an opponent tripped and started cornering, I should finish it off hard and brutally.

Jamal Ben Seddik

In Düsseldorf, Bensadek has shown that the challenging training sessions at his new base at Mykes Gym in Amsterdam are paying off. He had previously said he was in his “best shape” ever, and top coach Mike Bassiner had made him mentally and physically stronger. He can be seen bumping into Adegbuyi: “That was very difficult, yes. Since I was feeling sorry for the two fighters, now I have to finish it. The coach told me that if an opponent stumbled and got into the corner, I should finish it hard and hard.”


Ben Sadiq also moves better in the ring: “It is easier to fight when you are ten kilograms lighter, but you still have the same strength or power. Look at the barrage of bursts coming towards him. Where I delivered one or two in the beginning, there was now About ten.”


I have heard the audience: the audience cheers one name. This is Rico. If glory wants it, I’ll be there. I will not go to any discount.

Jamal Ben Seddik

The question now is who will be Ben Siddiq’s next opponent. He dreams of the heavyweight belt, which has been in the hands of Rico Verhoeven for years. At first he plans to camp against an Egyptian in October. Possible contenders are world number one Croatian Antonio Blazipat or Dutch three-ranked Levi Riggers, a camp that was scheduled earlier in March this year but could not continue due to riots in the crowd. However, the organization may also choose a duel between Ben Sadek and a famous kickboxer such as Badr Hari.

Bensadek doesn’t seem to care much, though he is clearly looking to get revenge on Verhoeven, who he nearly managed to defeat in October last year after a very difficult title camp. “I leave my next opponent in the middle. Glory makes the right decisions. But you heard the audience: the audience cheers one name. This is Riku. If glory wants it, I’ll be there. I won’t go to any opponent’s side. (…) I hope to fight for The title again in the future. I think I deserve that fight. He’ll also see how good I am now. I don’t think he’s too happy with what he saw, and how I beat his sparring partner Adegbuyi here. This title match is definitely getting closer.”

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