May 28, 2024

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IAEA: Iran continues to enrich uranium |  Abroad

IAEA: Iran continues to enrich uranium | Abroad

Enriched uranium is used in nuclear reactors, but it can also be used in nuclear weapons. The latter is the great fear of the international community.

Tehran has not adhered to the nuclear deal since 2019, because the United States unilaterally withdrew a year ago and then reimposed sanctions on Iran. Out of discontent, IAEA inspections were restricted last year. The International Atomic Energy Agency has said that oversight of Iran’s nuclear activities has been “seriously undermined” since then.

The country is said to now have 2441.3 kilograms of uranium in storage, while a maximum of 202.8 kilograms has been agreed upon. At the end of August, Tehran had 10 kilograms of uranium with a purity of up to 60 percent. That was 2.4 kilograms in May. The stock of enriched uranium increased to 20 percent in the same period, from 62.8 kilograms to 84.3 kilograms. That’s while the agreement includes a limit of 3.67%, which is well below the 90% purity required for nuclear weapons.

Iran and the countries involved in signing the nuclear deal held several talks this year on restoring the agreement. The IAEA report comes at a time when negotiations have stalled. Iranian authorities warn that it may take months before they resume.

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