April 21, 2024

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In the kingdom of aura, the epidemic is still in full swing

Aura Kingdom

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Although corona is definitely not gone yet, life is (largely) normal for most of us. Everyone who plays Aura Kingdom immediately encounters a different reality.

With patch 86, the Forgotten Caves are introduced and with it a lot of new content, including content that references the entire COVID case. Take a look at the overview:

  • Players at level 25 or above must visit Terrence in Navea to get a face mask and cleaning products. If you log in daily, you will receive a home epidemic prevention boost
  • Collect the shards of the post and go to Isaac to turn them into Prism Tears, with which you can get exclusive pre-works
  • A new dungeon in Glumy Ridge. Recommended level Slvl10. It can only be dealt with using Battle Buddy
  • Added daily mission “Eidolon Gossip Chapter 13 – Cesela”
  • New legendary battle with Monster Master
  • Infested with poisonous worms. Move the affected civilians to a safe area!

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