June 14, 2024

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In this area, the epidemic has made us happier - Wel.nl

In this area, the epidemic has made us happier – Wel.nl

We have complained so much during the pandemic that it is no longer possible, but research shows we have been less happy. In one area, we’ve been doing much better.

Our lucky number has gone from 7.7 to 7 in recent years and only in times when a strict lockdown was in effect. But the United Nations’ World Happiness Report, which polled thousands of people in 156 countries, also shows that we score significantly higher on philanthropy and assistance.

“We found a significant global increase in all areas of care and philanthropy,” said economist John Helliwell of the University of British Columbia in Canada. to Science Alert. “Helping strangers, volunteering, and donating money helped people around the world much more by 2021. In fact, it was nearly 25 percent higher than it was before the pandemic.”

More luck
“Help to strangers in particular has increased significantly. It shows how willing people are to support others in need. In the meantime, they give more happiness to their fellow men and themselves,” continues Helliwell. Previous research has shown that helping others makes us happy.

Mark Williamson, CEO of Action for Happiness added: “Help and generosity can help us get through tough times by giving us a sense of purpose, something practical to focus on. It shows the strength of the human spirit.”

sources): Science alert