May 27, 2024

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Inter-Lukaku: Si Ciamo: Breakthrough in Romelu Lukaku's return to Inter |  Italian Serie A

Inter-Lukaku: Si Ciamo: Breakthrough in Romelu Lukaku’s return to Inter | Italian Serie A

“Arriva Lukaku” and “Inter-Lukaku: ci siamo”: La Gazzetta dello Sport leave little doubt about this. Romelu Lukaku returns to the club with which he won the National Championship in 2021.

Last summer, Lukaku moved for 115 million euros to Chelsea, the club of his (boys) heart, childhood sweetheart who wanted to give him another chance.

But for Lukaku it wasn’t an eventual happy reunion and homesickness that drive him into the arms of Inter.

Chelsea no longer maintains a stiff leg, but he wants butter on the fish. And that’s where the boot squeezes, as Inter are reaching their financial limits. That’s why she sold Lukaku last summer.

But according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, an important step was taken yesterday. “Inter and Chelsea sat at the same table for the first time, albeit digitally,” the pink newspaper wrote.

“The video conference dealt with the second, most sensitive phase. Inter represented by CEO Beppe Marotta, Lukaku by lawyer Sebastien Ledore and Chelsea by new owner Todd Boyle.”

“It was the first time that all the key players were on the field at the same time,” La Gazzetta winked.

Although the price is still of course need to negotiate. Inter first want to hire Lukaku for 5 million euros and would like to increase the offer to 10 million euros, but Chelsea are counting on a larger sum: 15 million euros.

It is believed that the top clubs will cross somewhere along the way, with or without another Inter player as a small change.

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However, it shouldn’t be a real soap, as Inter and Lukaku benefit from a complete before the end of this month. Parties can still benefit from the favorable Italian tax system (which will become less attractive from July 1).