February 25, 2024

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Interviewed by Hugh Grant on the Oscars red carpet: “Who do I wear? My suit”

Interviewed by Hugh Grant on the Oscars red carpet: “Who do I wear? My suit”

Hugh Grant with his wife Anna Eberstein on the Oscars red carpet.© Reuters

The Oscars are traditionally the biggest party of the year in Hollywood, and everyone wants to attend. everyone? Except perhaps Hugh Grant.

Ashley Graham interviewed the British actor before the show went live, but Grant clearly didn’t like the model’s questions. For example, after a long, agonizing pause, when asked what was his favorite thing to do at the Oscars, he replied: “It’s amazing… All of humanity is here… It’s Vanity Fair.”

By this point Grant had clearly had enough, as he then answered very curtly the subsequent questions. “What am I looking forward to tonight? No one in particular.” – “Who am I wearing? My suit.” – “Who made my suit? My seamstress.” – “How did it feel to act in Glass Onion? Well, I’m barely in it. Maybe three seconds.” – “Was it fun anyway? Hardly.”

Then both the interviewer, Grant, and the viewers were put out of their misery with a very cynical “yes” in Graham’s thanks, and the actor rolled his eyes again before continuing on his way.

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