April 15, 2024

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'Inventing Anna' is the most-watched English-language series on Netflix, although not everyone is happy with it |  television

‘Inventing Anna’ is the most-watched English-language series on Netflix, although not everyone is happy with it | television

televisionAfter “The Tinder Swindler,” Netflix viewers are now also under the spell of “Inventing Anna.” Shonda Rhimes’ new series could already call itself the most-watched English language series on the streaming platform after just a week. But not everyone is happy with the success of the series. The real Rachel Williams criticized the streaming service in an interview with Vanity Fair.

The nine-part series “Inventing Anna” tells the improbable true story of a gray rat who pretended to be a rich heiress between 2013 and 2017, infiltrated the highest circles of New York and made everyone pay for her there. The mini-series has also been on the streaming platform only since Friday, February 11, but in the meantime, the show has already been awarded the title of most watched English series. In the weekend following its release, the mini-series was watched over 77 million times. In the days that followed, the series only grew in popularity. Seven days later, the counter hit 196 million hours. As a result, “Inventing Anna” performs better than the third season of “You” (179 million hours). The most watched series on Netflix is ​​not “Inventing Anna”. For example, the mini-series should lose to Squid Game (572 million hours), All of Us Are Dead (236 million hours) and the final season of La Casa de Papel (202 million hours).

angry rachel

Not everyone is pleased with the success of “Inventing Anna”. Rachel Delauch Williams, one of Anna Sorokin’s victims, is also critical of Netflix. In the short series, we see how Anna and Rachel go together to the expensive La Mamounia in Marrakesh. There they enjoyed beautiful weather, private villa with pool, butler and shopping. But when payment had to be made, Anna’s credit card didn’t work. She begged Williams to give her money. And although the $62,000 bill was more than she made in a year, she admitted. For months she tried to get her money back, but to no avail. Anna ended up giving her only $5,000. In the end, it was also Rachel who arrested Anna and also testified against her in court.

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Julia Garner (Anna) and Katie Louise (Rachel) in Anna’s creation. © Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

In an interview with Vanity Fair, her former employer, the real Rachel Williams now tells the story. She calls the mini-series “Anna’s Creation” dangerous. “You watch the scene, but you don’t pay attention to what is being advertised.” According to Rachel, there is a fine line between fact and fiction. “People are more likely to believe what they see in entertainment than they see in the news,” she told Vanity Fair. Rachel also fears that Anna’s story will inspire others. According to her, it is not inconceivable that others will follow in her footsteps

Nor is Rachel satisfied with the way the filmmakers portrayed her. Unlike Anna, she was not previously contacted. In “Anna’s Creation” she is described as a “born subordinate”. In addition, the filmmakers also write that Anna made her the woman she is today. Two notes wrong with Rachel. Defining a woman as someone’s creation is the opposite of a feminist narrative. She also never communicated with Katie Louise, the actress who took on the role of Rachel. “The only kind of accuracy in my series placement was the correct spelling of my name.”

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