June 18, 2024

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iPhone 14 lineup does not have physical SIM support

iPhone 14 lineup does not have physical SIM support

the new iPhone 14 إعداد Setup Ships without physical SIM trays – but only in the US. They can use two eSIMs at the same time (and store more), but is the lack of a physical tray a big deal? Do you The user is hostile and stupid?

First an update for the eSIMs: they are SIM cards, but they are electronic, not physical. This means that your phone can be set up remotely – you don’t go to the store for a physical SIM. This makes it easier (in some ways) to switch networks or try one – T-Mobile now uses eSIMs Let people test the network for up to three months. As of iOS 16, you can even Transfer eSIM between iPhones via Bluetooth, which makes it almost as easy as a physical SIM – as long as you’re in the Apple ecosystem. Naturally.

the most important US carriers and many companies around the world have eSIM supportand the iPhones support them since 2018It includes the ability to use two SIM cards at the same time. Until the iPhone 13, that meant one eSIM and one physical SIM; The iPhone 13 family introduced the ability to use two eSIM cards at the same time. Removing the physical SIM card – and drilling a hole in case you need it – is the next logical step. At least for Apple, and at least in the US – the iPhone 14 still has the SIM tray elsewhere.

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