July 22, 2024

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iPhone 14 Pro (Max) gets 21% larger camera sensor

iPhone 14 Pro (Max) gets 21% larger camera sensor

Apple seems to be spoiling the paparazzi again this year. The iPhone 14 Pro (Max) will get a 21% larger camera sensor, according to a new rumor. This should result in better images.

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Bigger camera sensor on iPhone 14 Pro

A number of potential camera specifications for the new iPhones have surfaced on the Chinese social network Weibo. by user fishing 8 get the iPhone 14 Pro And the 14 Pro Max The camera sensor is 21 percent larger than the one in the iPhone 13 Pro And the 13 Pro Max† This is good news for avid photographers, as it will likely make your photos more detailed.

The main camera will have a 1/1.3-inch sensor. The Google Pixel 6 And the 6 Pro Also use a camera sensor of this size. Since a larger sensor also requires a larger lens, it will be iPhone 14 Pro (Max) camera island Maybe something will grow.

We take this information very carefully, because “Fishing 8” is not a well-known name in the Apple world. However, his information may be correct. He also reported that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48-megapixel camera. We already have this rumor been seen many times

Current iPhones have a 12MP sensor. Despite the larger camera sensor, the iPhone 14 Pro’s individual pixels are a lot smaller. It is likely that Apple will combine four pixels into one in order to achieve better image quality. The 48MP sensor will also enable 8K video.

This is what we already know about the iPhone 14 series

It will be at least five months before Apple introduces the iPhone 14 series. However, we already know a lot about the new smartphones. For example, Pro models are likely to get a file Controversial design With two holes in the screen. They will replace the notch.

ordinary iPhone 14 And the iPhone 14 Max Maybe keep the current design. Remarkably, these models will also work on the “old” model. A15 chip from iPhone 13† Pro models get a faster A16 processor.

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