April 16, 2024

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iPhone 14 Pro: YouTuber Crazy Tests to Detect Crashes

iPhone 14 Pro: YouTuber Crazy Tests to Detect Crashes

The question was not if it would happen, but when. When iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with Fault detection Everyone already knew that someone would experience the feature in a strange way. Today is the day this actually happened.

YouTuber TechRax has tested the new iPhone 14 Pro very carefully. By simulating a car accident, verify that the feature does exactly what Apple told us. It might be a little weird, but now we know if we can trust the new functionality in the event of an emergency.

iPhone 14 Pro: YouTuber tests a range Fault detection

TechRax conducted the test, armed with a remote-controlled passenger car, a mounted iPhone 14 Pro, and a wrecked car. A test that did not immediately go according to plan. The idea was simple, but in practice it seemed very difficult to smash the controllable car against debris.

In the end it worked and the iPhone 14 Pro did exactly what it was supposed to do. After some delay, the smartphone reported that there was a file Fault detectione and the timer started to run.

Once the timer is answered, the call to emergency services will be cancelled. If you do nothing, iPhone 14 Pro will call automatically to make sure we can help you as soon as possible.

Not surprisingly, TechRax is exactly the person running this test. YouTube user enters their videos Often With new technology to push it to its limits. Something that appealed to his audience of 7.6 million subscribers.

How exactly does the job work?

during the farHappened, Apple introduced the feature Fault detection For iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra. During this presentation, the company has already briefly explained exactly how it works. Although this was a brief summary.

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The article below, written by Jeroen last week, discusses in detail how the useful function works.

How does troubleshooting work on iPhone 14

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