May 31, 2024

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“iPhone 16 Pro will have these two new colors”

“iPhone 16 Pro will have these two new colors”

If there's one topic that's often speculated about before new iPhones are announced, it's colors. Apple always releases the latest iPhones in a range of new colours, keeping some colors from previous years. Last year, Apple made a lot of news in this area: the iPhone 15 got all new pastel colors and the iPhone 15 Pro got a new finish thanks to titanium, including natural and blue. But what do the rumors say about iPhone 16 colors? Rumors about iPhone 16 Pro colors have already appeared.

“iPhone 16 Pro in two new colors”

iPhone 16 Pro will appear according to rumors @MajinBuOfficial In two new colours. He describes the colors as desert yellow (desert titanium) and cement gray (titanium grey). Desert Yellow will be somewhat similar to the gold iPhone 14 Pro, but a little deeper. Apple currently no longer has a gold-colored Pro model. The closest thing to it is natural titanium. Although this color seems more beige.

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So the other color he mentioned is Cement Grey. According to the rumor leaker, this basically looks like the space gray iPhone 6. Apple has had a space gray color for many years, although the shade has been a little different each year. The iPhone 6 in Space Gray is one of the lightest shades of all the Space Gray variants that Apple has. With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple only has Titanium Black and Titanium Blue and there is no longer a gray variant. However, gray has been a popular color for many years. Apple seems to often replace this color with black, so it wouldn't be a surprise if, for example, black titanium gives way to gray titanium.

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There have been no rumors yet about the colors of the regular iPhone 16, but we expect Apple to opt for brighter colors again compared to the Pro models. Think yellow, green and blue, as has been the case in recent years.

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