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“Isolation for immigrants from Great Britain as cases of variance increase. Camilla’s close to family – Corriere.it

Prime Minister Mario Draghi held a lengthy press conference at the end of the G7 in Cornwall. It covered a wide range of topics, from foreign policy to the anti-Govt vaccination campaign. Here are some of the positions expressed by the Prime Minister.

Fear of delta variation cases in the UK

Great Britain is facing an increase in cases of corona virus infection – where The delta or “Indian” variant is spreading “Especially those who are undiagnosed and vaccinated with a single dose – the Prime Minister said:” We are clearing anyone who enters Italy. If the infections start to increase again, we will have to re-add the isolation for those coming from the UK: but we are not there yet. On Monday, Boris Johnson could announce the postponement of the planned reopening, precisely what, according to some experts, has built a new peak of epidemics.

Death of Camila Canepa

Tracy also spoke Death of Camila Canepa, A woman who went missing in Genoa at the age of 18 due to a rare thrombosis that could be linked to the vaccine, which happened with the Astrogeneca product during the “open day” vaccination. My condolences and my condolences to the girl’s mother and father: it’s too sad not to happen. This is the most important thing I have to say, ”he said. “Minister Speranza released his statements, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson explained how to handle vaccines, so now the situation is clear. In all of this – Tracy admits – restructuring responsibility is too complicated: I think this is a growing situation, too complicated. “The open day effort allowed many people to be vaccinated immediately, but there was already a recommendation from the Scientific Technology Committee to use AstraZeneca only for a specific age,” Drake recalled, referring to the premiere. Now, the Prime Minister concludes, “We will try to carry out a vaccination campaign: This is not only our economic recovery, but also our social life. ”

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Atmosphere of the G7

The heart of Drake’s speech was dedicated to international issues. Atmosphere of 7G7 is positive but realistic – his balance at the end of the summit -. The dominant political theme was what attitude the G7 China and all other dictators should have, using misinformation, social media, hijacking, homicide, disrespect for human rights, and the use of forced labor. All of these themes of anti-authoritarian sentiment have been touched upon. In this sense it was a realistic summit: the economy was happy, but the problems were not lost sight of.

At dinner

Drake then spoke openly about China. “It has a right to be a better economy, but ways like compulsory detention are problematic. It is a dictatorship that does not follow multilateral rules and does not share the same worldview of democracies. We must be transparent, cooperate, but do not share and accept things that we do not share. To be transparent about.

Interview with Pita

US President Joe Biden “He wanted to rebuild America’s traditional alliances after the Trump era. In particular, what changed Biden’s attitude towards the EU was that the Democratic president was” a great supporter “. China, “My name is complicit,” Biden told Tracy. But “Italy’s access problem” was never mentioned during the interview The silk way Initiated by China. “As for the specific action, we will examine it carefully.” There was talk with Biden Libya, And the need to respect the ceasefire to begin the reconstruction.

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Climate obligations

There are many Climate obligations. “The figures are huge – Tragi recalls – the costs are about $ 390 billion a year, but 60 million people die each year, and the contribution of inequality is unbelievable: 132 million people will be pushed into poverty in the next 10 years, and 9 of the ten countries most affected by climate change are low or medium Income-producing countries, so the fight against climate change is also a question of equality. ” A line can be drawn to correct the need for continued use of cheap fossil products to repair.

Pillars of health

Regarding health, “We pointed out that there are three pillars: one is made up of vaccines and financial donations, and the vehicle we all need to use is Kovacs, but eliminating the export block; The second point is to identify production sites in developing countries; This brings us directly to the last issue of patent law: there is a proposal from the EU Commission that uses an international trade rule that brings everyone closer. ”

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