February 27, 2024

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“It doesn't work that way”: coaches Jan and Laura grapple with “paper, rock, scissors” in “Voice of Flanders” |  television

“It doesn't work that way”: coaches Jan and Laura grapple with “paper, rock, scissors” in “Voice of Flanders” | television

televisionDuring the third episode of “Blind Auditions” of “The Voice van Vlaanderen,” things got heated between the coaches. Jan Paternoster (34 years old) curses himself when he prints too late for the candidate and wants to circumvent the rules of the game. But that's without counting fighter Laura Tesoro (27 years old)… “Life is rap.”



Jan Paternoster has now made it a sport to keep the tension high and print at the last minute. But this goes completely wrong during an audition for Cassandra (26, Ghent) for 'Every Breath You Take' from The Police. “Come on, Jane, you've been sitting here with this button for hundreds of hours. Boy!” Mateo looks in disbelief. But Jan doesn't stop there. “I don't want a split second to determine your future. Just because my light isn't on doesn't mean you can't be on my team. Welcome to my team!”

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Laura Tesoro and Jan Pieternoster in “The Voice of Flanders.” © VTM

Double lost

The fact that Jan wants to change the rules doesn't sit well with Laura Tesoro. She eagerly takes advantage of Jean's blunder. “It doesn't work that way. She's on my team now! Life is rapping.” With Mateo's encouragement, they eventually decide their fate through a game of “rock, paper, scissors,” or “rock, paper, scissors,” according to Jan. But then again Jan loses. Cassandra ends up on Laura's team, which can be followed on “The Voice Comeback Stage” on VTM GO. Cassandra found refuge in music when she suffered from burnout. By writing her own songs she can express her feelings and heart.

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Blind Auditions 3 and 4 of The Voice van Vlaanderen, Friday 2 February at 8:40pm and Sunday 4 February at 8:00pm at VTM

Cassandra V
Cassandra in “The Voice of Flanders”. © VTM

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