February 26, 2024

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It would be important not to organize Camp Weiss so that the program becomes the “Big Show Dress Burstlab.”

It would be important not to organize Camp Weiss so that the program becomes the “Big Show Dress Burstlab.”

What was in the program?

The second day of Camp Wes It was exactly an hour and a half ago when Special Forces Instructor Fly got the remaining thirteen participants out of bed. After a short bus ride, they were welcomed by host Tom Weiss and headed to the Royal Military School swimming pool. Fly advertised the “Water Habituation Test,” as if it were a hopping ride through a flower meadow.

Because water during this edition of Camp Wes It will play a major role, as fear of water is not an option. “The swim test is for the safety of the candidates,” Weiss said. Task: Jump into the water, swim 50 meters, dive to the bottom, put on wet clothes, then rise to the surface and swim 50 meters again. Fly, Dry Beard TV: “We'll see who can swim. Especially: those who are afraid of water.

Immediately afterwards, Flay sent the group on the bus to an unknown destination, which turned out to be the military zone of Marche-Les-Dames. There they are met by paratrooper Damien, a howler like you know from war movies. “courage!” Flay spoke sarcastically to the candidates. The goal was to exhaust the group after a sleepless night.

With tasks at dizzying heights – first they climbed a rock, then they waited com. poutrellekeAccording to Flay, the wooden plank, 4.4 meters long and 30 centimeters wide, at a height of 70 metres, will show “who can overcome their fears.”

Does Fly have any surprises in store?

“There's going to be some shaky knees,” Flay predicted when making the announcement com. poutrelleke. “You step into the air, that's the test of courage in paratrooper training,” Tom Weiss said. Then he relentlessly declared that whoever he was com. poutrelleke Not challenging to lose weight. Candidate Youssef Shloki considers heights to be his biggest fear, so he felt terrified for an entire day.

If anyone from the group is a match, it might be Joseph. But even though sweat was flowing from his body in liters, Flay looked at it with confidence: “This guy has a very positive attitude. I think he will find the strength to do it.” And so it happened. Eventually, all thirteen participants would get it. com. poutrelleke for walking. Conclusion: Tom Weiss has put together a very solid group. “But,” Flay tempered his excitement, “who's going to keep up this pace?”

Who left the biggest impression?

It will be important Camp Wes Do not compile so that the program Big Show Dress Burstlab Become. A robotics and space travel student with a name that sounds like a cartoon character sounds like a superhuman, Matthew van der Poel of the group dwarfed by his fellow nominees.

During the swim test, he had already completed the course at a time when Lode had not even half of his wet clothes on. He charged through the commando course with flair and confidence. While everyone stumbled at the finish line after a day of hard work, Burstlab arrived with his chest sticking out.

Were there any casualties?

Oddly enough, no. “Candidates are better prepared,” Flay concluded. Youssef was faltering – literally – but giving up did not fit with his warrior mentality. Emma has an unusual style of running and swimming, and her doubts seemed to get the better of her when she did so com. poutrelleke I saw, but she's also mentally strong. For others, some tests seem a Walking in the park. But now that fatigue is setting in, the decline of the candidates could happen just as quickly in the coming episodes.

Who is on his last legs?

It is surprising how humble this group is. Everyone is realistic and seems to have enough self-knowledge. Candidates like Mohamed, Sarah, and Jeff are ambitious, but their confidence never turns into arrogance. On the other hand, Jan is the only one showing off. “They call me Jan Dolphin because I can swim. I don’t think there are three people my age.” (January is 52 years old, ELV) Do they swim better than me?

“This is familiar territory,” Jan said, climbing confidently over the rocks. Familiar feeling. I've been climbing walls for years, haven't I?” He eventually reaches no higher than 20 metres, and gives the impression of being more of a blah blah guy than a pom pom. Just like last week, he's also injured his leg. It's like waiting for Jan's bubble to get punctured somehow. painful.

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