July 22, 2024

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Item of the week: party bag

Item of the week: party bag

What is it:

From sequins to metallics, party bags are one of the party bags for Spring Summer ’23. They’ve been appearing on the catwalk at every fashion week for quite some time. swinging to give groups. The item was usually defined by shoulder bags, usually smaller, with short straps that were often decorated or chain-linked. The return of the party bag joins the resurgence of nightlife and evening wear, which has seen a strong resurgence from the global downturn from the pandemic.

Photo: Nuno

Why do you want to:

The party bag is a staple for customers who love the nightlife and need a practical addition to their wardrobe. Not only that, but the accessory style can be linked to a number of other trends that will already shape the coming year, including “Barbiecore” and evening wear, both of which feature shimmering sequin patterns largely inspired by the fashion of the first decade of the twenty-first century. In addition to the resurgence of evening wear It is the Barbecue trend that will continue to influence fashion in 2023as evidenced by the popularity of pink and sequin items that have taken over the industry.

Photo: Stella McCartney

Where we saw it:

Of the many designers who have taken on the trend, many have stuck to the “Barbiecore” essence, defined by pink, sequined, or glittery purses that shimmer between their stripes. Brands that opted for this style included Versace, Fendi, and Tom Ford, who adapted the look with distinctive hues and contrasting greens for his ornate shoulder bag. Gold was another popular color during fashion weeks. The color has been used by Diesel for bags that look like gilded materials, and by Chanel, which transformed its signature bags into pearl and thread designs, as an alternative to the party bag trend.

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Photo: Madewell

How to design:

Designed to be an accent piece for a night out, the party bag works well with just about any style of evening wear that consumers can find. For gold or silver items, pair the bag with colors that match your undertones. For gold, it can be black, dark brown, olive green or beige, while for silver, light and pastel colors are best. Bags in other eye-catching shades, such as neon pink or green, can contrast with complementary colors, but work best alongside matching shades, resulting in a monochromatic look.

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld

A party bag is a perfect evening accessory that not only upgrades the look but also adds a bit of fun to the wardrobe. In addition to being associated with trends, the bag’s style carries some weight in the Spring-Summer 23 collections, making it one of the “it” bags of the season.

Photo: Michael Kors