June 21, 2024

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iTrends: China to overtake US in computing power

iTrends: China to overtake US in computing power

China will surpass US in 2 years, says an academic The US is preparing additional boycott measures against the Chinese chip industry. BOE works with smart production lines. Tencent pays for basic research but not free meals for outsourced employees. 10000 Alibaba employees left the company during Q2.

According to Wu Heguan Chinese Academy of Engineering China currently has 27% of the computing power and the US has 31%. He predicts that China will overtake the US in two years. This is already a reality in the field of AI computing power. Last year, the market size of China’s computing power industry was more than 1.5 trillion yuan, cloud computing more than 300 billion yuan, Internet data center services more than 150 billion yuan, and artificial intelligence more than 400 billion yuan, the company said. Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology China Daily

And the US chip boycott?

* US plans to further strengthen China’s chip boycott are said to be on two fronts. Yangtze Memory Technologies Manufacturers of NAND chips (YMTC) will also be blacklisted. According to YoliaAccording to the data, China now produces 23% of global NAND chips and the US only 1.6%. LAM Research Institute And Utility items That YMTC Supply of equipment will be affected. YMTC accounts for about 5% of global NAND flash memory chip production, nearly double what it was a year ago. Western Digital SAbout 13% and Micron At 11%. According to Yolia YMTC may reach 10% by 2027. Yet the company uses only 18% Chinese equipment. SCMP

* The US is also preparing to block electronic design automation (EDA) software, esp Gate-around all (GAA) is a critical technology for the development of artificial intelligence chips. China lags behind in market-dominating EDA Cadence Design Systems, Synopsis And Guide Graphics: All from USA. The global market for EDA tools is estimated to be $9.1 billion by 2020. ReportLinker It predicts a 64% growth to $14.9 billion by 2026. Listed among Chinese EDA companies Empyrean Technology and unlisted X-Epic. Yahoo Finance

BOE with smart production lines

screen producer BOO Invest fully in smart appliances. It has set up 16 automated and intelligent semiconductor display production lines across the country, which can automatically collect terminal data in the production process and set up smart data analysis models, reducing costs by 34% and improving production by 30%, said vice president SI. Dr. There is a factory in Fuzhou World Economic Forum Added as Lighthouse Factory. The BOE has also established an Industrial Internet Platform, which helps 200 companies in the downstream and upstream sectors to increase productivity through digitization. BOE is the world’s second largest display manufacturer Samsung And will become the largest in 2024. China Daily

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Tencent: Money for research, not food

*Tencent It plans to invest 10 billion yuan over the next decade in basic research in two fields: mathematics and natural sciences and biological & biomedical sciences. Supervised by Tencent Funding Program China Association for Science and Technology. Selected scientists can receive 3 or 5 million with no publication, goals or deadline obligations. This year 60 scientists will be selected China Daily

* From August 15, outsourcing workers employed by Tencent will have to pay for their own meals. Tencent Since 2017, it has been providing free breakfast to its permanent and contract employees in its office canteens. The free dinner offer was introduced to 116,200 employees from October last year. This is an austerity measure after some excellent figures in the first quarter scmp

Alibaba: Q2 figures and 10,000 min employees

* Halved during Q2 AlibabaProfits rose to 33 billion yuan, even as sales stagnated at 205 billion from last year. E-commerce declined slightly, but contributed 69% of quarterly sales. International e-commerce grew 2% to 15 billion yuan; On-premises services grew 5% to 10 billion, and cloud grew 10% to 17 billion yuan. scmp

*In the second quarter, 9,241 Alibaba Employees left the company, which now has 245,000 people. In the first semester, 13,616 people left the institution. Alibaba It prefers to focus on its core business and exclude others. Still, CEO Daniel Zhang says he plans to hire another 6,000 graduates this year.

Beijing allows robot taxis

Starter in self-driving cars Ponni.I There is a call service for cars CaoCao Users of the CaoCao app have entered into a partnership where they can order robotic print from pony.ai. Boni Ai obtained a permit from the city of Beijing for about thirty vehicles covering an area of ​​60 km² in Yizhuang District. The base rate is 18 yuan and an additional 3 yuan per kilometer. A safety driver is not required, but every car has a monitor in the passenger seat. Techno