May 26, 2024

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iTrends: Is Nokia a compromise on US stock market rules?

An agreement is likely to be in place between China and the United States on US stock market rules. Both Alipay and Tenpay support digiyuan. A department follows the results section. DJI will no longer supply drones to Russia and Ukraine. Xiaomi imposes hefty but controversial fines in India and ARM has not yet eased the storm in China.

U.S. regulators own more than 80 companies Inc.pinduo doubles And Philippines Threatened to remove them from US transactions if they failed to comply with US rules relating to financial regulation. Further China Petroleum & Chemical Corp.NetEase. And NIO Are on the list. Bloomberg He hopes top people will know Board of Public Accounting Supervision He went to China to come to an agreement. Site surveys are said to be still under discussion. Wants to keep its stock market list alongside those in Hong Kong. The value of the 270 companies involved is $ 2000 billion. According to China Moon Strategies There is a 90% chance of agreement. FT

Alibaba and Tencent Bay support Tijuana

The Ant team Makes it easy to search and download the Digivon processor from Alibaba. After opening the account linked to the phone number, payment can be made through Digivan on the platform. 6 million merchants are already employed Alipay† Further WeChat Payment This ability provides their platform; மெய்துவான் Allows 200 types of merchants to pay with digital currency. J.D.Com Previously made this payment option available. Hong Kong is also preparing for a pilot project to make payments with Tijuana. SCMP


* During the 1st quarter, the electronic information manufacturing sector grew by 12%. Exports increased by 11% and fixed investment by 27%. The sector has made a profit of 143 billion yuan. Turnover was 338 billion yuan or 9.5% higher, according to ministry figures

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* The software sector grew 11.6% in Q1 to 2000 billion yuan in revenue, with companies making a profit of 203 billion yuan, down 3.9%. However, exports increased by 4% to $ 11 billion

* Internet investment and financing, however, fell 42% to $ 3.6 billion and closed more than a third of the number of contracts, the report said. Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAIT). Xinhua

Russia and Ukraine no longer have drones

Manufacturer of drones DJI Russia and Ukraine have decided to suspend the supply of drones. The DJI says it does not want to explicitly provide for parties that use drones for military purposes or modify them for that purpose. Both Russia and Ukraine are said to use DJI drones. As a matter of policy, there may be concerns that the DJI could lose profitable US and European markets. ⁇FT

Indian fine for Siomi

Following the investigation, Indian authorities seized $ 730 million Xiaomi For violating forex rules. It’s about fees listed as copyright. $ 725 million would have been expelled from the country. Xiaomi denies any errors and maintains that it is concerned with the copyright of its own products. Xiaomi has the largest market share of smartphones in India. The top 4 Chinese brands account for 63% of the market in India. FT

Explosion of shared bicycles after the holidays

On the first day after the holiday, the demand for shared bicycles in Beijing suddenly increased. மெய்துவான் Providing more shared bicycles and staff, the Chaong District office staff asked to avoid public transportation and to meet less at their company. However, the usage rate of shared bikes is 10 points 27% lower than before the holiday week, which shows that anti-virus measures result in less traffic. Global Times

ARM Guerrilla in China

After the appointment of Liu Rensen as the new CEO appointed by Shenzhen, the internal storm has subsided ARM-China Do not lie down. Liu dies Shenzhen Qingyan Technology Transfer At the helm, with the help of the police, the former CEO was able to evacuate Wu’s bodyguards. However, Wu asked staff to work from home, and the IT team is very loyal to Wu. 430 employees (out of 800) signed a letter last week in support of Woo. Wu also asked not to give any information to outsiders. His team still owns a bank account, a website, social media accounts (which they convert) and a headquarters in Shanghai. Liu said at the staff meeting that past politics would be maintained with the Chinese majority partner. It is not yet clear what will happen to Wu’s 13% stake.

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