February 26, 2024

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‘It’s a miracle’: Crown Princess Elizabeth goes (again) around the world |  Kings

‘It’s a miracle’: Crown Princess Elizabeth goes (again) around the world | Kings

KingsPictures of Princess Elizabeth have appeared on social media for the first time. The 21-year-old is apparently part of the rowing team at her school, Lincoln College, Oxford. The pictures were also noticed abroad and widely praised.

On the Lincoln College Boat Club’s Instagram page, Elizabeth impresses her teammates. Princess is on Team W1, the first women’s team of eight rowers and one cox. The latter is the “leader”, which sets the pace. It is remarkable that a lot of personal information is posted on Instagram about most of the rowers, but not about the Belgian heir to the throne. It is only known that she entered competitions as Elizabeth of Saxe-Coburg.

The Princess entered the Torpids competition with her team. This is a typical British race where the rowing boat has to push the boat that started earlier. The Crown Princess has been known to be athletic and enjoys skiing, tennis, sailing and scuba diving. Canoeing can now be added to that.

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Princess Elizabeth (second from top left) with her fellow rowers © Lincoln College

In any case, Elizabeth’s sporting achievements are noticed far abroad. “The Belgian heir to the throne is clearly enjoying herself at her university in England,” wrote the Danish weekly Bildbladet, which included a prominent article on Elizabeth on its home page. “Elizabeth seems to feel very much at home, with new friends and a whole new passion.”

"A new image reveals: this is how the Belgian heir to the throne thrives in England"Danish weekly headlines
“New photo reveals: this is how the Belgian heir to the throne thrives in England,” headlines the Danish weekly Bildbladet. © Build Bladet

The actions of the Crown Prince are also being followed in Spain. “A very athletic princess!” , headlined ‘Hello! Magazine’, one of the most popular national magazines. The royal daughter of Philip and Mathilde studies at Oxford, where she enjoys extracurricular activities. Achieving victory requires a lot of coordination with your teammates. A quality that Princess Elizabeth seems to enjoy. Judging from Throughout the photos, she also looks very integrated on set and enjoying her college life to the fullest.”

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Also the Spanish magazine
Also the Spanish magazine “Hola!” He dedicated an article to our crown prince. © ¡Hi!

Crown Princess Elizabeth has also attracted attention in other countries. “Belgian Princess Elisabeth is a miracle,” says the now German and Swiss news site MSN. “Belgian Crown Prince Elisabeth seems like the perfect princess: top grades in school, polyglot and not a single misstep. Princess Elisabeth is considered a ‘miracle’ in her society.”

While German fashion and royalty magazine Gala wrote: “The heiress to the Belgian throne enjoys a normal life as a student before finally having to seize the scepter from her father, King Philip. But until then, the 21-year-old is eager to pursue her hobbies.”

As the German magazine wrote
The German magazine “Gala” also wrote an article about our sports “princess”. © Gala

look. Highlights of the life of Crown Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth speaks on tongues all over Europe: “But the real work of the heir to the throne has not yet begun” (+)

The foreign press is full of praise for Elizabeth in the military camp: “It is unthinkable that our princess shines like this.”