April 16, 2024

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‘It’s One Big Plot’: ‘Home Alone’ Fans Have a Stark Opinion About Story |  Movie

‘It’s One Big Plot’: ‘Home Alone’ Fans Have a Stark Opinion About Story | Movie

Everyone knows the story “Home Alone”. Everything revolves around the fiasco of Kate and Peter McCallister while they go on vacation with their families. It is only halfway through their trip that they realize they have forgotten one of their children at home, so that their son Kevin comes face to face with armed thugs who want to raid his house. It all ends well in the end as Kevin turns out to be a crafty mastermind. So mom and dad are forgiven for everything, because it’s just an innocent mistake, right?

On the social media Reddit, many fans are now claiming that it was all set up and that the family purposefully forgot about Kevin. It is said that Kevin’s father Peter planned the whole thing. “While cleaning up the house, there is a moment when Peter throws a pile of wet wipes into the bottom of a trash can. Plus — if you look closely — there’s also an American Airlines ticket with Kevin’s name on it,” write committed fans. According to them, Kevin’s father deliberately threw the ticket away so that the airport would not notice that Kevin was missing. It is a very unfortunate coincidence, some say, “Let us dispel that fantasy that Mr. McCallister doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.” Others add, “What if Peter hated Kevin as much as he hated Frank, he could only have hidden it better?”

look. Home Alone is this year’s Christmas movie