April 23, 2024

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Jamie Lee Six feels lost: “Sometimes I'm too honest and lose cooperation” |  Ltd

Jamie Lee Six feels lost: “Sometimes I'm too honest and lose cooperation” | Ltd

“I've been having a really hard time sharing content lately. I've lost myself a little bit,” she began her post. The influencer is very into fashion, but still likes to share realistic, funny and relatable videos and photos. Something is now known about Jamie Lee Six. “But it's hard to find a balance between me and fashion. Sometimes it's too much and I think it's too much. And other times I like it, but it doesn't fit enough with who I am as a person. I'm really looking for balance,” she admits.

She also says it's not always easy to share her thoughts unfiltered. “Having a big mouth is difficult. Sometimes I'm too honest and lose cooperation. That's why I've started to think and talk more, even though I'm losing my impulsive side a little,” says the influencer. She continues: “It's very dangerous to lose yourself or realize that you're striving For something that doesn't exist: perfection.” That's why Jamie Lee shares some realistic photos of herself. “Photos where we're not 'perfect' are also beautiful,” she concludes.

look. Jamie Lee Six: “If media doesn't work out, I'll work in catering.”

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