June 17, 2024

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Jari Verskjaeren faces ‘long and patient’ rehabilitation: ‘a disaster for Anderlecht and Belgium’ |  Jupiler Pro League

Jari Verskjaeren faces ‘long and patient’ rehabilitation: ‘a disaster for Anderlecht and Belgium’ | Jupiler Pro League

A serious cruciate ligament injury is suddenly hampering Jari Vershaeren’s acute progression. The young midfielder has been waiting for rehabilitation for just under a year. “It’s a pity, because he was at his best and the best player at Anderlecht at the moment,” says Olivier Deschacht. T2 should now look to the National Reserves for a new pendulum in their midfield.

The stern verdict came out for Jari Vershatrain on Monday. The Anderlecht midfielder will be out until early 2024 due to a cruciate ligament injury.

A very serious injury threatening his fledgling career? “No, he’s still young,” Olivier Deshecht continues cool.

“Better he has to face it now than at the end of his career. At the end of your career as a footballer, it’s very difficult to come back from that.” Says the assistant coach of the Belgian Under-21s, who should miss their group at the upcoming European Championships.

There are plenty of examples of athletes coming back stronger.

Bart things

“Unfortunately, things can go wrong for everyone,” adds physiotherapist Bart Dingenen. “It is almost impossible to predict and affects not only the big and strong athletes, but also the young and agile players like Verschaeren.”

The ACL specialist knows the Anderlecht midfielder faces a lengthy recovery. “The most important thing is a good builder and very patient.”

“If players play football again very early on, we regularly see in the data that they never reach the same level in terms of minutes played, meters in speed and even goals.”

“Overall, his immediate future doesn’t look rosy,” says Dingenen. “But there are plenty of examples of athletes coming back stronger. This injury doesn’t mean his career is over now, not at all.”

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Jari Vershatryn was carried off the field against the OHL.

Disaster for Anderlecht and Belgium

Shame. This is mainly the word that Olivier Dechacht uses when it comes to Vershatrain’s injury.

“Jari was at the top of his fitness and was currently the best player at Anderlecht and in the national reserves. He is a stretch between defense and attack and brings peace. The fact that he is gone is damaging to our system, which is mainly built around him.”

This high level came through playing a low row in midfield, where he set up the lines. “That is why it is a disaster,” says the T2 reserve, “not only for Anderlecht, but also for the national team.”

“The doubts about Verchätterin are finally gone. He will have to reset his goals and work hard when he returns.” And both the young Red Devils and Anderlecht will have to look for an alternative.

“Arnstadt may score a goal, but he is definitely not a one-on-one substitute for Verscaire,” says Deshcht. “He’s a more defensive type who appears more often in the penalty area. Yari is more linked between defense and offense, while he’s more of a defensive bull.”

And from now on there will be a difficult search in Neerpede and Tubize for a new leader in the midfield.