June 20, 2024

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Jodelie Likens will introduce 'The Bachelor': 'We give up on someone so quickly, but there's no such thing as 'perfection' |  TV

Jodelie Likens will introduce ‘The Bachelor’: ‘We give up on someone so quickly, but there’s no such thing as ‘perfection’ | TV

TVReturn of Jodel Likens (58). Next year she can be seen again on TV where she will present “The Bachelor”. In it, Fabrizio Zinarides, known from the “Island of Experience”, goes in search of true love. The former Miss Belgium has returned to work in Parliament. This puts an end to the battle against skin cancer she faced last year.

In ‘De Bachelor’ on Play4, Goedele will essentially be the listening ear for Fabrizio and the nominees. It’s her first TV assignment after being diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma last year. Goedele took some fuel, but now it looks like the pedal has been depressed again. By being there again, I give them a lot of motivation and hope things get better in the coming days. So it’s great to be able to do that again. To be able to fully devote myself to a program again with a team. By working hard and combining different jobs, I’ve been doing this all my life. It’s kind of a therapy, yeah,” Het told Newsblad.

Not like Tinder

As a sexologist, Goede is ideally suited to presenting The Bachelor. She is also convinced that Fabrizio can meet his true love there. “Why isn’t that possible? You can’t just stare at the camera crew. How many couples make up during a week-long ski vacation? If Fabrizio is looking for real connection, as he claims, then this is the place to spark a spark. He’s forced to talk to Those girls really. Not like Tinder, where you swipe someone left because they “look a bit weird in a picture.” Sometimes we dump someone so quickly just because we don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect. But there’s no such thing as ” perfection.”

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Jodily Likens and daughters Meryl and Celeste © Christoph Jeslink


Goedele has not yet dared to say that cancer is a thing of the past. “Here and now. It’s not that close anymore, because I have to do an MRI every four months. What a tunnel, you know? The last one went over and the result was good. So now I’m not interested in that at all. But every time the date gets closer. Next, I feel a little anxious. Totally confronted.”

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