April 23, 2024

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Johnson’s Dietrobrand, Isolation After Controversy – Europe

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he is stepping down and moving into isolation, after contacting Health Minister Sajid Javed, who has set himself aside at the PM’s residence in Checkers. So as he first announced, it will not participate in the ‘pilot program’ of the health service instead of being isolated for daily trials. So was Treasurer Rishi Sunak. Downing Street confirms this. The announcement to join the pilot program sparked a series of controversies and is scheduled to reopen tomorrow.

After the newly-appointed British Health Minister Sajid Javed was isolated after a positive test for Govt-19 yesterday, it was quickly speculated that many of his government colleagues and officials would have isolated themselves for 10 days. Providing rules applicable in the country. But Johnson and Sunak were contacted by the NHS tracking service to be included in a pilot program that offers daily testing as an alternative to isolation. A spokesman for Downing Street explained, “They will continue to work.” About 20 companies and organizations are currently involved in the ‘alternative plan’, including Downing Street and Network Rail (Railway), Transport for London (London’s public transport system), Heathrow Airport and the Border Force, according to Sky News. Then the turning point.

Controversy over not being isolated, before the British Prime Minister stepped down. One choice that has been sharply criticized by Labor opposition is that the prime minister has accused himself of “special and exclusive treatment” while at the same time forcing many workers to stay home. Foremost among the thunderbolts was Angela Rainer of Labor, who immediately handed over her criticism on Twitter: “I apologize for the lack of very parliamentary language, but this is nonsense. They do not follow the rules they have created for themselves. They expect my members to follow them. Considers and rules do not affect them. “Echoes MP Darren Jones:” I had to cancel my entire week’s job because I was told to isolate myself until Friday. I was not given a daily check plan, millions were not given to others. Health Minister Jonathan Ashworth also accused the government of playing double standards in an interview with Sky News. Sir Ed Davy, the leader of the Lip Dames, who uncertainly condemned Boris Johnson’s choice, also joins the chorus of struggles: “This is a rule for them, another for everyone else.”

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