December 6, 2023

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Juri Havik and his occasional teammate take the lead after the first day in ‘t Kuipke |  Lotto sang six days

Juri Havik and his occasional teammate take the lead after the first day in ‘t Kuipke | Lotto sang six days

This week, ‘t Kuipke in Ghent once again forms the backdrop to the Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent race. The Ghent Six Days is in its 82nd edition this year. The world champions lead the standings after the first evening.

Position after day 1
points Tours
1. Juri Haavik/Jan Willem van Schip (Ned) 45
2. Lindsay de Vylder/Ruby Guess 65 +1
3. Fabio van den Bosch / Jules Hesters 57 +1
4. Vincent Hobysack/Philippe Heijnen (Ned) 40 +1
5. Matthias Malmberg/Aaron Gate (Den/New Zealand) 37 +1
6. Lacy Norman Hansen/Jonas Ricart (Pine tree) 24 +1
7. Roger Kluge/Theo Reinhart (German) 8 +1
8. Noah Vandenbranden/TorDance 48 +2

  1. 01:50 Juri Haavik has the loud support of his fan club: “I’m half-staying in Ghent this week.”

    Juri Havik receives vocal support from his fan club: “I’m half-staying in Ghent this week”

  2. 01 hours 46. With Lasse Norman Hansen I had an Olympic champion as a substitute after the fall of Jan Willem van Schip. Things went great. We won the chase and are in the lead. Jan Willem fell hard on his head and as a precaution he did not drive again tonight. Hopefully he can ride the bike again on Wednesday. . Yuri Hawk.
  3. Hours 00 33. The occasional duo of Hansen and Ha-Intisar. Maybe Hansen and Havik should retrain to become a permanent couple for this six-day event? They took a run at the competition and Havik scored bonus points in the final race! And also the end of the first day of the six days. Havik and Van Schip will also end the evening as leaders for these six days. He is followed by crowd favorites De Vylder/Ghys and Van den Bossche/Hesters in second and third. Now: Go to bed and count the sheep. (For riders anyway 😏).
  4. 00:32. Due to Jan Willem van Schip’s downfall in the first team race, Juri Havik forms an occasional pairing with Lasse Norman-Hansen. Jonas Rijkaardt, the Dane’s partner, also took part in the strikes and also stayed in the changing room. .
  5. 00 26. Final Day 1: Team Race 2. We have left the midnight hour behind us, just like most of the cycling numbers of the first evening. Who will end day one as captain for the six days? .
  6. 00 26. Nobody knocks Dens/Vandenbranden. No couple can improve on Tuur Dens and Noah Vandenbranden’s time. It’s time for the final song: Team Race #2! .
  7. 00 hours 21. Track record over 500 meters by Noah Vandenbranden and Tour Dens. His missing legs may still be in England, but in the 500m, his powerful thighs are coming back! In collaboration with Noah Vandenbranden, Dennis records a new record! His 26″ 378 is faster than the 26″ 464 he recorded last year with Jan Willem van Schip! .
  8. 11-15-2023.
  9. 23 hours 51. Dearne thunders again! It’s almost unbelievable, but the tension is also high in the second Derney race! Gianluca Polivliet puts pressure on Fabio van den Bosch with 15 laps to go, but he remains calm and confident. It even allowed Lasse Norman Hansen to take the lead with four laps to go. But with a crazy final effort, Van den Bosch explodes over the Dane! invisible! .
  10. 23 hours 50. De Ketelli: “The mysterious guest? My family laughed a lot with me.”

    De Ketelli: “The mysterious guest? My family laughed a lot with me.”

  11. 23 hours 49. Lindsay de Velder: “I hope I can improve the track record.”

    Lindsay de Vylder: “I hope I can improve the track record”

  12. 23 hours 48. Right now we are riding on last year’s momentum. I had a lot of nerves before the start. It’s always a matter of evaluating your position against the competition. . Lindsey Defelder.
  13. 23 hours 37. Turn me number 2. The races follow each other in quick succession! The second half of the white background figures are looking for their derny pilot wheel, ready to grind 50 laps. .
  14. 23 hours 33.
  15. 11:32 p.m., Joel Hesters wins his number. Hesters’ quick legs clearly came from London, just like his tactical prowess in his favorite song. He perfectly absorbs the attack of Tim Thurn Teutenberg and passes his German rival in the last meters. Sister Helen sees from the stands that it’s good and the center square is chanting his first name “Iljogewijs” for the first time. .
  16. 23:29 There is no Champions League format for dens. Last weekend, Tour Denis were the favorites in the Champions League final elimination in London. Is it possible that his good legs are still across the canal? He must be the first to abandon this apostasy. Robbe Ghys, who leads with Lindsay De Vylder, also has to make room on the track early. .
  17. 23 hours 27. Individual weight loss 2.0. The riders who just had to pass behind Al-Derni now appear on track for the second elimination of the evening. Jules Hesters has already shown his amazing legs in the Champions League, just like Tour Denis. Time to shine on their part! .
  18. 23 hours 24.
  19. 23 hours 23. Vylder reinstalls Vandenbranden behind Derny. Yuri Havik seemed on his way to a tyrannical victory in the Drone Race for a long time, but Noah Vandenbranden has put a stop to that. Vandenbranden climbed over Havik, followed by De Velder. The latter timed his final race perfectly. De Vylder crossed the finish line at half a wheel ahead of Vandenbranden. .
  20. 11pm 07. Turn me around! After the musical score by Isabelle A, the noise is provided by the derniez. Lindsay de Vylder, Roger Kluge, and Yuri Haavik, among others, battle it out in the first series. .
  21. 22 hours 51.
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