January 25, 2022

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KHN Urges Minister EZK to Quickly Lift Lockdown

KHN Urges Minister EZK to Quickly Lift Lockdown

KHN has urged the reopening of the catering industry several times, stating that it is safe to do so

Action – To address the importance of a rapid reopening and a long-term Corona recovery plan, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) has started a conversation with Micky Adriaansens, the new Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate.

In that conversation, KHN committed to reopening the catering industry and equitable distribution of relaxation space. KHN President Robèr Willemsen and KHN Director Dirk Beljaarts wanted to point out the urgency of many catering companies accumulating water on their lips. According to KHN, the minister appears to be keeping her priorities in mind two days after taking office. The catering industry group believes it is time to move on and bring the Netherlands out of hibernation.

Divide the space fairly

KHN has once again emphasized that the lockdown must end as soon as possible. The main thing here is that if relaxation is introduced, the epidemiological space is evenly distributed. We should avoid that we end up in a situation where, for example, retail stores will open and catering is not yet available. KHN noted that the catering industry can reopen safely and that it is important to look at what is possible through the catering roadmap for responsibly reopening.

Bronn: KHN / @FoodClicks

Author: Stephen Van Beek

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