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Kim Huybrechts watches a World Cup stunt and defeats defending champion Wright-Alan van den Berg  Darts

Kim Huybrechts watches a World Cup stunt and defeats defending champion Wright-Alan van den Berg Darts

Belgian history in the World Darts Championship! Kim Huybrechts sent home defending champion Peter Wright after a dominant match. The Scotsman did not reach his normal level, and our compatriot punished him mercilessly. In the 1/8 finals, Huybrechts meets his friend Van den Bergh: the first Belgian on the biggest darts stage.

  1. 11:54 PM I knock on Peter Wright’s name, but not the one he usually is. I’m not insulting my performance with this, because I saw my chance and took it. Kim Huybrechts.
  2. 23h50.
  3. 12-28-2022.
  4. 11:55 pm to face Belgium! December 29 or 30. The schedule makers are still bowing their heads when Dimitri van den Bergh and Kim Heberchts meet in the 1/8 finals. One thing is certain: the Belgians are writing history at the World Cup. Never before have two Belgians been in a similar situation. .
  5. 23:53 I will not be arrogant and say that I beat Peter Wright, because this was not his usual level. However, I’m so glad I’m going to the 1/8 finals! Kim Huybrechts.
  6. 23 hours 49. Kim Huybrecht’s stunt! 1-4. finished it! Kim Huybrechts delivers a great darts stunt at the World Cup. Both men just had to hit the double 18. Huybrechts got the first chance, the third arrow hit the target. The Belgian sends the defending champion home! .
  7. 11:45 p.m. Huybrechts in a leg of a stunt! Wright now opens, with one leg our compatriot knocking the Scotsman out of the tournament. .
  8. 23 hours 38. The break is already over, Huybrechts opens with 180. Cooled off? No way. .
  9. 23 hours 33. Huybrechts with a big lead in the first half: 1-3. There is nothing stopping him anymore. Huybrechts is quite loose. After a few low throws from both men, he found the rhythm again. The Belgian only needs one arrow to find the double 8. The set is for Huybrechts, another one as he causes a stunt. .
  10. 23 hours 22. Huybrechts takes set 3! 1-2. Kim Huybrechts mercilessly punishes mistakes in Wright’s doubles. The first Belgian attempt at double 16 was an instant hit. The result: driving in groups. .
  11. 11:20 p.m. It’s a search for Wright. After Huybrechts was injured, he lost his rhythm a bit. He is also owed in group 3. .
  12. 23 hours 18. Hans Vanakken shakes hands with the Huybrechts. Kim Huybrechts can count on a professional soccer player as a front row fan. Before the match there is already a handshake, during the match Hans Vanakken looks on with concentration. .
  13. 23 hours 17.
  14. 23 hours 06.
  15. 23 hours 05. Huybrechts with the answer: 1-1. Suddenly the roles are reversed. Huybrechts warmed up and put a 3-0 lead in dry legs on the board. Good for 1-1 set result. .
  16. 22 hours 59.
  17. 22 hours 58. Wright continues his momentum: 1-0. Wright moves to winning the set in a matter of minutes. Huybrechts works beyond the facts. .
  18. 22:50 Bad start: a break straight away. Huybrechts had another chance, but Wright opened the match with a break in the first leg. Our compatriot must be prosecuted immediately. .
  19. 10:45 p.m. Belgian flags abound in the audience. Will they shout Hubrechts in the next round? .
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