May 27, 2024

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Kinepolis in Liège just got an IMAX theater

Kinepolis in Liège just got an IMAX theater

IMAX is a film format developed by the Canadian company IMAX Corporation. This technology allows movies to be shown in excellent quality on larger screens.

Kinepolis has expanded its partnership with IMAX Corporation with an agreement for six new IMAX screens and two upgrades to existing screens, the company announced Wednesday.

One of the new screens will be in Belgium, at the Kinepolis site in Liège. So far, only the Kinepolis complexes in Brussels and Antwerp offer an IMAX experience. In Brussels, there has even been an IMAX room since the complex opened in 1988, which was still unique at that time. Due to the lack of suitable films in the format, Kinepolis again closed the theater between 2005 and 2016.

In the meantime, the offering is big enough, says company spokeswoman Aneline Van Tross. Despite the high prices, IMAX shows in Brussels and Antwerp often sell out first. That’s why Kinepolis in Liège will also soon have an IMAX theater. In addition, competitor Pathé also owns an IMAX cinema in Belgium, at its Charleroi location.

Outside Belgium, Kinepolis is planning new IMAX screens in cinema complexes in Luxembourg, France, Spain, the United States and Canada. Existing Canadian IMAX theaters will be upgraded.

“Movie-goers increasingly expect outstanding movie experiences and we know from our customers that IMAX lives up to those expectations in every way,” said Eddie Duquesne, CEO of the Kinepolis Group. “We are happy and proud to announce the expansion of our partnership as we believe it will deliver value to all involved.”

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