July 24, 2024

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Kivitz Logistics team goes to America with Raja

Kivitz Logistics team goes to America with Raja

King Willem-Alexander opened Dutch logistics company Neugold’s refrigerated warehouse during a state visit to Atlanta. TLN members Rob Ewalds (Gaston Schul), Martin van Dam (Van der Vlist Logistics), Rob van Opzeeland (Kivits Group) and President Elisabeth Post spoke with the royal couple about logistics relations between the Netherlands and the United States and opportunities for growth. Expand these. The King and Queen are very keen on developments in the transport sector, TLN reports.

A TLN delegation participated in a roundtable discussion with US logistics companies on the theme ‘Resilience in Supply Chains’: What does it take to quickly respond to unexpected disruptions in the chain?

In Savannah, the delegation proceeded to Georgia Harbor. The port is the fourth largest port in the United States and will double in size in the next ten years. Sustainability and domestic connectivity were the central themes of discussion there.

Due to the lack of space in the Netherlands and Europe, uncontrolled growth was not an option for us. At the same time, it leads to the creation of innovative ideas, which Americans are happy to learn.

The use of rail for freight (20% in the US) differs greatly from how we (can) do it in the Netherlands and Europe. In her role as chair of the Logistics Alliance, Elizabeth Post provided feedback on the conversation to the royal couple and other guests.

Finally, the closing reception held in honor of the royal visit provided an excellent opportunity for networking discussions with American and Dutch companies. TLN looks back on a valuable mission visit and is delighted with this opportunity to put the Dutch logistics and transport sector on the map in this way.

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