May 26, 2024

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KVO can be happy with a point visiting STVV

KVO can be happy with a point visiting STVV

The encounter between Sint-Truiden and KV Oostende (for now) was one of the worst football matches this season. Especially the match with the coastal team was not visible, while STVV had the greatest claim to victory. With 1-1 KVO he pulls away well in Limburg and thus remains in the belly of the standings.

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It had to be a thrilling duel between two mid-enginers. Both STVV and KVO had the exact same number of points, the same number of matches won and lost (four each), and each tied. Furthermore, some infection concerns in the Kustboys. Anton Tanguy had to pull out with a muscle tear, Stephen Fortis wasn’t quite fit. This allowed Zech to challenge Medley again. There were two promises with Coninckx and Wylin on the bench. By the way, Ostend’s last goal in Sint-Truiden dates back to April 2018, when Zivkovic scored in a 4-1 loss. However, Sint-Truiden lost their last three home matches against Zulte-Waregem, Kortrijk and Genk. The first half was very exciting for both teams, with many crosses without an end point, moderate passes, hardly any combinations, and on top of that many errors. Three yellow cards were not scored even in the middle of the first term. For a first chance we have to fast forward to the 17th minute, when STVV couldn’t clear the ball at the back, but Mokhtar Ghai couldn’t frame his shot. It looked like a kick match, but Hubert suddenly had to distinguish himself with Konate. A subsequent world goal by De Ridder – a bicycle kick in the field – was denied for offside. On the flip side, KVO chance: Capon pulls a lop off in front of goal, with Ambrose lonely stunned by the space and missing his shot. Sint-Truiden started the second half better with twice Hashioka, who shot into the side netting and then up front. But she did not wake up KVO – on the contrary. After easily losing the ball in the midfield, Suzuki was able to hold off Medley. Hubert parried his shot, but in the rebound, Hara could only put the ball into an empty net, and Ostend couldn’t get into the match and then knew it had to come from a standstill. D’Arpino’s free kick in the suit, Medley wins the header duel, but it is Makhtar Gueye who in turn heads the second ball through the corner. A relief on the bank of Ostend though was blown up again right thereafter: a cross from Cacace was projected right at the feet of Hara – who was again alone in the penalty area – but Hubert and the post kept the Limburg Canaries from a fresh lead. It was the start of a phase where STVV had already installed the Ostend players with some dangerous passes and hot sixteen positions. On a rare counterattack, both Ambrose and Guy had a short finger length to work in a Rocha cross. As if KVO didn’t have enough injuries, Brecht Capon pulled out too – and coach Alexandre Plessin already has a limited core. As a result, promising 18-year-old Siebe Wylin was allowed to make his debut. A bright spot in a very mediocre football match, especially by Ostend. Sint-Truiden was simply the better team in the second half and after another great opportunity for Suzuki, the coastal team could settle for a point. After the international break, KVO must give color to the season against Cercle and Kortrijk. (TVA) Goals: 51′ Hara (1-0), 56 minutes Gay (1-1) Yellow: Jaquel, Kakas, Durkin, Saint-Truiden: Schmidt, Hashioka, Konate, Teixeira, Bauer, Leicester, Kakas, Durkin (59) Accurate). Reitz), De Ridder (59′ Brüls), Hara, Suzuki (bench: Steppe, Reitz, Koita, Hayashi, Janssens, Balongo, Brüls) KV Oostende: Hubert, Jäkel, Medley, Ndicka, Capon (79′ Wylin), D Arpino, Amade, Bätzner (72′ Patoulidis), Rocha, Gueye, Ambrose (72′ Kvasina) (Bank: Schelfhout, Patoulidis, Wylin, Coninckx, Koziello, Kvasina, Atanga)

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