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KZK: Finally a place for Robert Jean and Maran

KZK: Finally a place for Robert Jean and Maran

Robert Jan and Maran lived with their son in the center of Utrecht. The location is perfect, but the downside is that the rental home quickly becomes too small for 3 people. So they wanted to move. After doing some research, they discovered that a prefab house wasn’t even feasible with their space budget and that you had to make a very quick decision in the market.

They don’t have enough experience to buy a renovated home and they can’t see it very well. But luckily you can leave that up to Alex, Bob, and Ross!

I hope

Before real estate agent Alex started looking for a home for this young couple, it was important to carefully consider the desires. They wanted a spacious and distinctive 1930s house of 140 square metres. In addition, the house should have at least three bedrooms, a large kitchen and preferably a workplace. Location: in or around Hilversum.

Help out of the dream

More than four months later, Alex is back at the couple’s door. The homes that Robert Jean and Maran had been thinking about are no longer for sale. Not even for their generous budget.

They have to adapt their dreams to today’s housing market. So the couple decided to adjust the number of square meters and also expanded the search area.

Charming DIY home

After the franchise talk, Alex finally succeeded. He has found a beautiful home in Hilversum. The house meets all the requirements of the spouses. However, there is one drawback. A lot of work must be done. Despite this, Bob is very excited: “It really is a charming house,” he tells Alex. It will be a big task, but they will succeed!

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Completely renovated

Bob and the team started work on a complete home renovation. He leaves the hall as is and the kitchen also keeps the number of square meters. But since Robert Jan and Maran were willing to invest an additional €40,000, Bob could still do the two-and-a-half-meter stretch.

All this ensures that he can fulfill many dreams for this couple.


To completely modernize the house, new electricity was installed and a new central heating system was installed. The whole house is insulated and equipped with underfloor heating.

The eye also wants something which is why the exterior is painted an old-fashioned shade. Monument green and white marl painted wooden frames were installed. Furthermore, all the walls have been freshly plastered in colour. It was a good job, but the house is already much nicer. And the final touch? Of course for Rose.


Roos can read from the mood boards of the couple you love Stylish upper look with lots of light and natural colors to reserve. To emphasize this, Roos chose beige on the walls on the ground floor with dark blue on the windows and stairs. This combination creates a luxurious atmosphere.

In the living room is large corner sofa Soft shade. This way it fits well with the rest of the room.

Practical, cool and comfortable

The bathroom has a bathtub and shower with sturdy bathroom furniture in a beautiful wood colour. The combination of marble with beige and calm tiles make for a very nice and relaxing combination. Roos chose black taps. This contrast gives the bathroom a little spice.

bed room

The master bedroom has a great luxurious look due to the beautiful dark wallpaper with golden accessories. Since the bed is made of velvet, you create more atmosphere and warmth. With a large bunny lamp as a little wink for a fun touch.

On the other hand, the nursery is the opposite of the master bedroom. It fuses a forest theme with walls painted in flaxen green.

The lamp in particular is striking here. The squirrel lamp was once owned by Martijn’s daughter (Krabbé ed.), but she is now too old for him. So he transfers it with great love to Wolf, the son of Robert Jean and Maran.

“Hey? Wasn’t that where the living room door was?!”

When Robert Jean and Maran stand in front of their house, they are instantly delighted with the first view and the new windows. Then it’s finally time, they can move into their new home. They immediately noticed that the design in the hallway has changed. Maran: “Huh? Isn’t that the door to the living room?!” To which Robert-Jeanne answered somewhat confused: “I don’t remember.”

Then they walk to the kitchen to see the purpose of using the extra budget; Building. “What a space!” Maran says. Robert Jean also reacts enthusiastically: “What a light!”

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They don’t know where to look and they are very happy with the end result. “I can’t believe this is my house,” Maran says.