March 4, 2024

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Leaked screenshot of The Last of Us Online

Leaked screenshot of The Last of Us Online

A screenshot of the main menu of the canceled list has appeared Latest of us online. The image shows what the online multiplayer had to offer and what we can expect.

After Naughty Dog announced the game’s cancellation, well-known leaker Dusk Golem published the image below. The photo went viral for the first time Reset the era Before it was adopted on various social media.

From the screenshot below we can deduce all kinds of things thanks to the different tabs. Naturally, the lobby brings all the players together. Once you have chosen your equipment, you can press the “Ready” button to start the match.

Under the Study and Bunk tabs, we may find skill trees – or perks – and unlocked equipment. The Battlepass tab speaks for itself and the store probably also offers all kinds of offers for weapons, gear, packs, and more.

Also note the Job Board, where you can likely find all sorts of additional challenges to complete during the game. Think of examples like “Score three hits to the head” or “Kill two opponents with one Molotov cocktail.”

It gives insight into what The Last of Us Online could be. Unfortunately, the title has been withdrawn and we will never be able to play it.

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