April 1, 2023

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Less is more perception | Imagicasa

You can achieve a lot with just a few colors if you know how to combine them the right way and the right materials. Victoria Sreda’s visuals do just that, as they bring a pure softness that instantly catches the eye. The project we’re showing here fits perfectly with her design vision and has everything she’s looking for in the interior.

We recently featured a beautiful project by CGI artist Victoria Sreda that fully represents her style, which can best be summed up as modern minimalism. In her portfolio we find mainly natural colors and organic shapes often inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design. Her realistic renderings give a good idea of ​​the vision the designer has in mind. In addition to the muted colors and material palette, they place great importance on the connection between the interior design and its surroundings, which is reflected in the large windows with beautiful views.

The smooth angles of the walls and the warm wood color add softness and calm

This project had three main goals: convenience, functionality and simplicity. That’s why the interior of this home was designed with a strong focus on natural materials and a light but warm color scheme. Sreda wanted to simplify the interior, or as architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said: “less is more”. It is a design vision that the designer clearly shared and implemented in this residence. For example, several hidden storage spaces have been provided, which ensure as little visual distraction as possible. Finally, it was important to add a sense of softness and calm to the space, which was expressed through the soft angles of the walls and the warm wood color. The furniture in the project was selected according to the layout of the building. Light upholstery was chosen with the addition of warm wood. The designer is a big fan of furniture from the Japanese brand Karimoku, which was also used in this residence. The final distinguishing feature of this project is the large number of windows, which give the interior a warm and light atmosphere, filled with natural light in every room. We instantly fell in love with these visualizations, too, and it’s not hard to see why. If you are looking for interior decoration inspiration where calm reigns, Victoria Sreda is definitely the place for you!

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