December 1, 2023

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Less service or choose direct debit?  This way you can and cannot save on your connections  My guide

Less service or choose direct debit? This way you can and cannot save on your connections My guide

independentMany Flemish families pay large sums of money for mobile phone, TV and Internet subscriptions. Can you easily save money by choosing direct debit, a longer subscription, or limited customer service, such as when you take out an energy contract? What are the hidden costs in your telecom subscription and how do you get rid of them? independentbender.b Collects the best tips.

Written by Lisa Myers in collaboration with Independent


Payment via direct debit

Bad news in advance. In the world of telecommunications, you don’t get a discount when paying by European direct debit (SEPA). However, choosing this automatic transfer order can give you other advantages. Forgetting to pay bills is a thing of the past thanks to direct debit, saving time and reducing the chance of making mistakes.

Telenet, VOO, Proximus, Orange, Scarlet, edpnet, BASE, Mobile Vikings, Youfone and hey! Telecom companies allow direct debits, but unlike many energy suppliers, you don’t get a discount for this. Here you choose only for your convenience, not for your wallet. Or at least, because of course you’ll save money if you never have to pay reminder costs again by choosing direct debit.

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Limited customer service or long-term contract

Energy suppliers also often offer discounts if they allow you to receive bills via email only or if you can only reach customer service via email or via a contact form or chatbot on their website. However, telecom operators are legally obligated to be available by phone to their customers. It is not always possible with telecom operators to ask a question or submit a complaint via the website or by email. Very big contradictions.

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If you’re hoping to pay less by agreeing to only contact your service provider online, you’re wrong. Moreover, it is impossible, for example, to immediately subscribe to a particular format for two years and thus obtain a cheaper price. Unfortunate, but at the same time a blessing in disguise.

Save on connections: cut and compare

It is therefore not possible for internet, telephone and TV to receive similar discounts as when concluding your own energy contract. You cannot save on your payment method or the length of your contract. However, this also brings advantages. It allows you to more easily switch to another provider if that proves more beneficial. In the energy sector, it is possible to lose part of your rebate if you change supplier too quickly.

The best way to save on your telecom subscription is to only pay for what you use. Are only salespeople and scammers still calling you on your landline? Then take that out of your formula. Or do you only use the landline to call your family? Then you probably don’t need an expensive mobile subscription. Plus, those extra few seconds of download time may be worth it for what you save on your online subscription. And you can skip those channels you don’t watch and are still paying for by choosing a lighter TV package.

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Better off elsewhere? Then switch

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Find a more interesting formula? With your current service provider or with another provider? Then switch. Promotions launched by providers throughout the year make it worthwhile to review your subscription regularly. This is the advice and it remains: make the comparison!


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