May 26, 2024

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Liam Everts satisfied after first race in MX2: 'We can build on this' |  motocross

Liam Everts satisfied after first race in MX2: ‘We can build on this’ | motocross

The future belongs to the youth. Also in motocross. 15 years after Stefan Everts left, his son Liam made his MX2 class debut today. The Everts finished a handsome 13th at the Sardinia Grand Prix and the Everts family is happy about that.

It was very hot on the difficult track in Sardinia. Ten-time world champion Stefan Everts may have whispered to his son to take it easy on his first moto.

And that plan worked, as Liam held up well and finished 16th in that first moto. In the second moto, he emphasized and did better: the eleventh.

The goal was to gain experience and we succeeded. Liam Everts: “I felt better in the second series than I did in the first. We have to start somewhere, we can build on that. I would like to finish this year well in the European Championship and then prepare well for next season.”

In the overall standings, Liam ranked thirteenth, taking 15 World Cup points. He performs better than Papa Everts, who scored 0 points on his debut. Stefan Everts: “It was a beautiful day. I don’t think we can expect more from this result.”

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