June 5, 2023

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Live: Are Liege-Bastogne-Liege also dominated by Demi Fullering and SD Works? | Liege-Bastogne-Liege (Women) 2023

Liege-Bastogne-Liege (Women’s)

road racing road racingdistance 143 how much
location 8:35: bastonian – 12:35: Liege

Until now72 km

    1. Marilyn Rosser (CHE)
    2. Amanda Spratt (Australia)
    3. Catharzyna niviadoma (pee)
    4. Esmee Peperkamp (nl)
    5. Anna Henderson (scary)
    The leading grouparrow circle

    1. Marilyn Rosser (CHE)
    2. Amanda Spratt (Australia)
    3. Catharzyna niviadoma (pee)
    4. Esmee Peperkamp (nl)
    5. Anna Henderson (scary)


The women also finished their spring with Liège-Bastogne-Liège on Sunday. Does Demi Fullering put the icing on the cake? Or will Animek Van Vleuten still save its spring? Follow the LBL among women closely here and watch Canvas from 11.15am or through our live stream.

  1. Côte de la haute levée. Aboard Hot Levi, the five ride away. They have about a minute. . 10 am 37.
  2. 10:32 a.m. If that’s the case, Movistar should stay out of its way. After all, the Haute-Levée is spot on. .
  3. 10 a.m. 31. Marlene Rosser (SD Worx), Amanda Spratt (Trek-Segafredo), Kasia Niewiadoma (Canyon-Sram), Esmée Peperkamp (DSM) and Anna Henderson (Jumbo-Visma) will have a small lead over the weak peloton. .
  4. cote de stocco. On the steepest climbs of the day (18% max), some fun riders take some of the distance. We’re trying to get a quick overview of the skirmishes. . 10 am 27.
  5. 10 a.m. 24. The Bounty Hunt. Eva van Agt (Jumbo-Visma) wants to raise her bill. She came first at both Mont-le-Soie and Wanne. There is a bonus on every slope. .
  6. 10:20 a.m. SD Worx will have to bear the weight of this course. Of the sixteen races the team has competed in this year, it has won no fewer than twelve. SD Worx even took the top two spots in five of them. .
  7. 10 a.m. 5 p.m. Regan Marcus (Jumbo-Visma), Amanda Spratt (Trek Segafredo) and Marilyn Rosser (SD Works) can often be found on the front row. Demi Vollering (SD Worx) and Liane Lippert (Movistar) take a closer look. .
  8. cote de one. The peloton rides in a group above Wanne, with some big names up front. Soon, in steeper Stockeu, there will be more opportunities to make a gap. . 10 13 o’clock.
  9. 10 am 07. When does the next flight leave? And who takes the lead? .
  10. Cote du mont le suey. Eraud hits a wall, figuratively speaking. She was captured at Mont-le-Soie. . 10 am 01.
  11. It’s 09:55. Erode approaches Mont-le-Seui, the first cataloged slope of the day. .
  12. 09:52 Demi Fullering already has Amstel and the Walloon Arrow in her pocket and she can win the entire Ardennes triple today. In 2017, Anna van der Breggen explained it to her. Of the men, only David Rebelin’s lamented 2004 and Philip Gilbert in his brilliant 2011 have pulled off the trick. Soon it may be Tadej Pogacar’s turn. .
  13. 40.5 km / h. She is moving forward! Of course, tailwinds also have something to do with it. . 09h44.
  14. 1’35”. It’s not a kilometer flat in the Ardennes and the difference between Eraud and the peloton also makes erratic jumps. 09h38.
  15. 09:29. Eraud is gone anyway. A strange twist in the first thirty kilometres. It looked like Eraud was in trouble, but the peloton didn’t catch up to her in the end. Her reward now quickly rose above two minutes. .
  16. 09:21 Everyone wants to beat us, but we have a plan and a strong team. Marilyn Rosser (SD Worx).
  17. 09h20.
  18. 09:17 Eraud doesn’t just give up and walk away again. .
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