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LIVE: Baliquicha gives Antwerp the lead against STVV |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

LIVE: Baliquicha gives Antwerp the lead against STVV | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 40′ – Verve. Benson Manuel Babe Koji Miyoshi
  2. 32′ – Doelpunt – Michel Ange Baliquicha (1-0)

Antwerp-STVV kicks off the 24th round of midweek against STVV tonight. Antwerp can jump over Club Brugge No. 2 in case of a tie or win. STVV could breathe a little more freely after their 3-1 basement meeting against Syring. Follow the match here.

  1. Rest, 7:32 p.m. Rest. After a not so good period in the first half, Antwerp are ahead. Baliquicha provided the only goal at the moment in this underserved match. It should be a little more in the second half. & nbsp; .
  2. The first half, the 48th minute, the game is over
  3. First half, minute 46. Once again Antwerp creates danger. Miyoshi takes his chance, but his shot is still spinning. .
  4. The first half, the 42nd minute. Hayashi’s kicks are over. Gerkens hold hands in the skin and then there are opportunities for STVV. Hayashi is completely free, but she kicks the ball somewhat hastily over Butie’s cage. This was more for visitors. .
  5. The first half, minute 40. Substitution in Antwerp, and Koji Miyoshi entered, and Benson Manuel came out
  6. First half, minute 40. Benson withdrew. The game stops for a moment because Benson is sitting on the grass. His match seemed to be over, as he immediately took off his gloves. Miyoshi comes to replace him. .
  7. First half, minute 37. There is Antwerp again. Frey can head and almost Benson can take advantage of that. The latter shoots into the skin in the lateral network. & nbsp; .
  8. First half, minute 32. Goal! 1-0 Baliquicha. The spell was finally broken. De Laet takes the ball into the center line after a push from Brüls. It serves Baliquicha which finishes it well too. Great shot of No. 10 in Antwerp. & nbsp; .
  9. A goal during the first half, the 32nd minute, by Antwerp Michel Ange Baliquicha. 1, 0.
  10. First half, minute 31. It remains a game in which defenders mainly play football. . Burt Strix on Radio 1.
  11. First half, minute 28.
  12. First half, minute 23. There is a Fry. Michael Frey is first reached, and alarm bells go off immediately at STVV. Russo wins the duel against the scorer and can then save another shot. & nbsp; .
  13. First half, minute 18. Chances are available for STVV at the moment. Hayashi Now you get the skin in an interesting place. His gaze isn’t really sharp yet, because the attempt is cruising wide. .
  14. First half, minute 17.
  15. The first half, minute 15. Ritz seizes his chance after a long throw-in, but his shot is still blocked. & nbsp; .
  16. First half, minute 13. STVV also wants to stick his nose in the window. However, Cacace’s cross from the left is not accurate enough. & nbsp; .
  17. First half, minute 11. Benson widens. Looking for an attempt on goal in this match. Benson now tries it once after taking a free kick shortly after. .
  18. First Half, Minute 10. It seems that Sam Vines wore the wrong boot. He trades his soccer shoes for another pair. & nbsp; .
  19. First half, minute 10.
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