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LIVE: Beerschot turns completely around an early deficit before the end of the first half |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

LIVE: Beerschot turns completely around an early deficit before the end of the first half | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 45′ – Yellow – Sippy Book
  2. 38′ – Goal – Joren Dom (2-1)
  3. 24′ Free kick goal – Mauricio Lemos (1-1)
  4. 9′ – Goal – Siby Schrears (0-1)

For Bierchut, it seems to be getting worse every week. Will Antwerp get their first point in two months or will Mark Price’s soccer team push the home team a little deeper into the hole?

  1. First half, 47th minute, game over
  2. First half, 47th minute. Berchot goes to rest with a good feeling. Birchot went to rest with the bullets and that wasn’t clear. Barely ten minutes later, Schrijvers opened the score with a superb shot, but an equally equal free kick from Lemos and a header from Dom completely turned the situation around. .
  3. Yellow card for Siebe Schrijvers of OH Leuven during the first half, minute 45
  4. First half, minute 44. Yellow Schrijvers get away with it! Schrijvers taps the ball too far in front of him after Sanusi panna and then steps in to correct his mistake. Of course, Berchot Bank wanted to see red, but a yellow card is enough to judge Van Damme. .
  5. First half, minute 43. Now Avenatti is also trying with some kind of over-the-head kick, but that attempt sails high above Leuven’s goal. .
  6. First half, minute 42. Avenatti is on the right of Ronarson. Avenatti is finally found in the box, if far from the outside. Ururguyaan does everything with the left: accept and kick, but his shot flies right into Ronarson’s safe hands. .
  7. First half, minute 41. Radek is in the right place. Ohl sticks his nose in the window again! After a great move by Keita, Mercier can put the ball in front of the goal, but Almerch can’t pass the ball past Radic! .
  8. First half, minute 40.
  9. A goal during the first half, the 38th minute by Jörn Dom van Berchot. 2, 1.
  10. The first half, minute 37. Dom defeats his leg and makes the score 2-1! Biershot overturns the entire backlog! Borden can pass the ball unobstructed and Dom reaches the far post at the perfect moment for De Nouri to header 2-1! .
  11. First half, minute 31. Mercer sets a new counter from Leuven with his fast legs. There are only very few white people with them, so we are looking back again. Thus, the wave of attack quickly recedes. .
  12. First half, minute 25.
  13. A goal after a free kick in the first half, 24th minute, by Mauricio Lemos van Berchot. 1, 1.
  14. The first half, minute 24. Lemos takes the free kick wonderfully! Birchout comes along! In Holzhauser’s absence, Lemos demands the free kick and this is completely justified. Uruguay hits the skin in the short corner on the crossbar. Ronarson has no sanctuary and so it’s 1-1. .
  15. The first half, the 23rd minute. Thibaut de Smet starts dribbling he doesn’t seem to know the end of it. Fortunately for Berchut, Schrijvers is very enthusiastic about the tackle, so the home team gets a fun free kick. .
  16. The first half, minute 20. Allemeersch is looking for a duel with Lemos again, reaches the back line and then returns. Surprisingly, there is Mertens with theft, but his shot is blocked and disappears into the corner. .
  17. First half, minute 18. Vaca is also trying from a distance. Vaca wanted to return Schrijvers’ goal, but his shot missed a bit from the height. Ronarson is in the corner at the right time and can catch the ball twice. .
  18. The first half, 15th minute. Ozcakar almost kicked the ball into his own net! Ozkakar hits a deep ball from Berchot with surprising force towards Ronarsson. He can only put his foot on the ball to avoid scoring. An unnecessary dangerous move by the Turkish defender. .
  19. The first half, minute 13. Bayermatt almost lost the ball in his round of sixteen, but he could tap the ball far enough. The Leuven cross is still around, but the pipau is easily carried off the air. .
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